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Was read to me 14th February '19

The Storm Whale
Author: Benji Davies
We loved this book. It's a very simple story but we have read this after the The Storm Whale in Winter. It opened up lots of questions such as why didn't Noi just put the whale back in the ocean? Where's his mum? Why is Noi lonely? What could be a solution to Nois loneliness? My kids liked this book very much.

Was read to me 13th February '19

Jolly Tall
Author: Jane Hissey Illustrator: Jane Hissey
This is a lovely book. A box arrives in the playroom and all the toys wonder what is in it. The find the giraffe and then do lovely imaginative things with the box and then they try to get the giraffe out. My girl asked lots of questions about this book, such as why don't they push the box over, and why is the giraffe scared of heights. Another lovely book by this author. 

Was read to me 13th February '19

Author: Dick King-Smith
This is a great book and we really enjoyed it. It's light hearted and fun. It's about an elephant that keeps sneezing and his trunk gets longer. We liked the illustrations and my girl kept asking questions about what he would do with his longer trunk. 

Was read to me 9th February '19

Little Giraffe's Big Idea
Author: Benjamin Richards Illustrator: Louise Forshaw
This is about a giraffe who wants to play with all the other animals in the Savannah. So he dresses up like each animal in turn to try to play with them but they keep rebuking him and saying he's not one of them. The ending is lovely and my little girl really enjoyed it. A nice story about friendship. 

Was read to me 9th February '19

Solomon Crocodile
Author: Catherine Rayner
This is a lovely book. It's about a mischievous crocodile who who just wants to play. But everytime he wants to play, the animals say he's being a pest. My boy got upset for the crocodile, but he loved the ending. It's beautifully illustrated.