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Was read to me 15th December '18

Little Reindeer Saves Christmas
This is one of my boys favourite Christmas stories. It's about a little reindeer who just learns to fly. Then all the other reindeers fall ill and he saves the day! It has flashing lights on the front which my kids love. My boy loves the ending when everyone is full of cheer for the little reindeer. 

Was read to me 14th December '18

The Daredevil's Guide to Dangerous Places
Authors: Lonely Planet , Anna Brett Illustrator: Mike Jacobsen
A lovely book!! Two cartoon characters take a journey around the world visiting various dangerous places. The facts are really interesting and way the information is told it good. I wish there was more photos on the various places. My boy found it really interesting and loved the tornados!! 

Was read to me 14th December '18

Rudey's Windy Christmas
Author: Helen Baugh Illustrator: Ben Mantle
It's such a silly story about Mrs. Christmas and Rudey the Reindeer eating sprouts on Christmas Eve. Rudey then flies around the world letting off farts. It's a funny book and there is so many different words for farts! My kids really enjoyed it. 

Was read to me 12th December '18

Tower To The Sun
Author: Colin Thompson
This is an amazing book and my boy really loved it. It's about a possible bleak future of the earth where it has become so dirty you no longer see the sun. The richest man in the world longs to see the sun before he dies and uses his all his money to build a tower to the sun. The illustrations are gorgeous with so much detail and the message is great. My boy kept talking about the book afterwards .

Was read to me 12th December '18

Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish
Author: Nosy Crow Illustrator: Rebecca Harry
This book is about a Bunny who writes to Santa asking for a friend but the letter misses the last post. So bunny decides to deliver the letter herself. On the way she meets lots of animals and helps them out. Finally she gets to the North pole and santa takes her home with a lovely ending. My little girl loved this book as each page had shiny pictures and it was about a Bunny!!