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How To Catch a Dragon


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Albie's trip to the library soon turns into a fun adventure with his new knightly friend. On their way to find some dragons they meet trolls, bears and a mysterious many-headed monster. Going to the library has never been so much fun!

How To Catch a Dragon Reviews | Toppsta


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24th June '18
I read it to Ellielebugjnr aged 2 aged 2
How To Catch a Dragon 9780857079596
5 stars
I bought this for Sophie at Alnwick Castle today in the gift shop. Sophie loved playing a knight in the courtyard and she loved this story tale book to Finnish an adventurous day. It's a very inviting book, speaking to children. It's a lovely large book with simple cartoon like illustrations. 

This is a lovely exciting tale of a little boy who had to do homework of a dragon drawing.his mum takes him to a library where his imagination runs wild. He meets a knight friend , bear, troll and lots of dragons! This is easy to read and follow for little minds and exciting for bigger ones. The ilksutraions are brilliant, Sophie loved this book and couldn't wait to turn each page to read the next. 
28th May '17
I read it to MunchkinMia aged 4 aged 4
How To Catch a Dragon 9780857079596
5 stars
This would be so good to use in the classroom!

love the Albie books by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves! In fact my whole family loves the series – for differing reasons. My daughter loves the concept, the adventure, the pace and the fun. My wife loves the story lines and text that give her so much to work with when reading aloud (she is very good at voices!) I love them because they are hugely popular award winning books that appeal to children – not ‘just boys’ or ‘just girls’ but children– and because they are gently infiltrating mass market publishing with inclusion. 
It’s a tough thing to do, but Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves have worked their magic and thought about inclusion when creating these books. That is huge! Being aware of the importance of including diverse characters that reflect society is further than many authors and illustrators ever go. The fact that they have thought about it, discussed and planned and worked with their publishers and achieved some diversity of character, is much to be proud of.
How to Catch a Dragon, my favourite book from the series (so far!) has a female troll – much rarer than you’d think – a lovely range of race and a celebration of libraries! “Nobody could EVER be bored in a library”. Brilliant!
Books are so important in helping children to understand the world they live in. In order to do that, books need to be truly representative of our diverse society. Every child should be able to see themselves in their books, whatever their gender, heritage and race, culture, disability, or sexual orientation. For that to happen mainstream books need to represent every child.
The result of a truly inclusive society is that you don’t notice differences. Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves have achieved this in these books. These are not ‘token diversity characters’. Share these books with a classroom of children and they won’t notice that there’s a female troll or that there are different skin colours on show. They will be too involved in the story and the excitement of the illustrations. But those characters are there and they will be seen without being noticed. And that is a wonderful thing.
30th October '18
I read it to BabiTait aged 3 aged 3
How To Catch a Dragon 9780857079596
5 stars
This story is fantastic for any adventurer! When Albie goes to the library with his Mum  it looks just like a castle. Inside he meets up with a knight who is also looking for dragons. They embark on an adventure. My son loves Sir Clinkety Clank and his new favourite word is pickernicker! 
28th February '17
I read it to Lock1 aged 5 aged 5
How To Catch a Dragon 9780857079596
4 stars
We liked this adventure because there was a funny bear and a clever troll and the big boys got scared! We think that 4 or 5 year olds would like this, especially if they like going to the library like we do! 
6th October '18
I read it to aiwilford aged 6 aged 6 & to mrwilford aged 4 aged 4
How To Catch a Dragon 9780857079596
4 stars
A story about a boy visiting the library and having a big adventure while he was there! My boy loved that his imagination ran away with him while he was at the library. My girl liked all the dragons at the end. 
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