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World Book Day 2020

5th March 2020

World Book Day books

To celebrate World Book Day and their #ShareAStory campaign we’re hosting a special #ToppstaBookClub chat on our Twitter channel from 7.30 – 8.30pm on Tuesday 3rd March. Come and join us and chat with some of the WBD authors, share how you'll be celebrating WBD and talk about your favourite stories.

If you're looking for some last minute ideas, check out:

50 Simple World Book Day Ideas for Schools (which don't involve dressing up)

11 last-minute, easy World Book Day costumes you already have at home (no sewing required)

- Enter our competition to win a box of books for your school! (UK & IE Only)

The World Book Day 2020 £1 books have been announced (see below) and the World Book Day team are also running SHARE A STORY, a fabulous campaign to get the nation reading. Spending just 10 minutes a day reading with your children can make a huge difference to their lives and there are plenty of ideas and resources over on the World Book Day website to get you joining in with this fun nationwide event. 

World Book Day will be held on Thursday 5 March 2020 and last September, Toppsta was invited to an exclusive event to reveal the 2020 World Book Day books. Read on and see which one you'd like to get with your World Book Day token.

As you can see from the image above and the list below, it's a fantastic selection of titles with some incredible characters, stories and series from well-known and lesser-known authors and illustrators, with something for all ages.

How to use your World Book Day tokens

Next year, thanks to its many supporting partners, World Book Day will be distributing more than 15 million £1 tokens across the UK and Ireland.

The £1 book tokens will be available in February and are valid from Thursday 27th February until Sunday 29th March. If you're not familiar with how they work, the tokens are sent to schools across UK and Ireland and you can take them into your local bookshop or supermarket and either swap it for one of the twelve exclusive books written especially for World Book Day, or use it to get £1 off any full price book, worth at least £2.99 or more.

If you're based in Wales, you're in luck, there are an additional two books available and if you're in Ireland there's an extra book for you too OR you can use it to get 1.50 Euros off any book worth at least 3.99 Euros.

And I'm not sure if this has happened before but the £1 books are also available in braille, large print and audio via Guide Dogs and RNIB.

Currently the tokens cannot be used online but can be used at most large bookshop chains such as WHSmith and Waterstones plus all major supermarkets including Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer and hundreds of independent bookshops. But they're not accepted at all outlets, so it might be worth ringing ahead and checking to save you a wasted journey. There's a helpful list of participating retailers (including supermarkets) here.

And if today is Wednesday 6th March 2020 and you're after a World Book Day costume using items you already have at home, then check out our 11 last-minute, easy World Book Day costumes.

World Book Day History

Run by the World Book Day charity, this is a much-loved annual event, with a mission of bringing children together to celebrate reading.

World Book Day was originally created by UNESCO and first celebrated in April 1995. The UK isn't the only country which celebrates World Book Day! It is celebrated all over the world on 23rd April but in the UK it always runs on the first Thursday in March. Last year World Book Day was celebrated on Thursday 7th March 2019, World Book Day 2018 was celebrated on 1st March and World Book Day 2017 was run on Thursday 2nd March. For more details on which countries celebrate World Book Day, check out the UNESCO website

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you sign up for a resource pack and don't forget to come back and review the World Book Day book on

World Book Day 2020
Book pages Placeholder Book

Bing's Splashy Story: World Book Day 2020

Celebrate World Book Day 2020 with a brilliant new picture book story about Bing!

Join Bing for his favourite bedtime story and find out what happens when it gets drippy-wet.

A charming new picture book story about the power of imagination, telling stories and overcoming adversity that is sure to delight all Bing fans!

Book pages Placeholder Book

Supertato: Books Are Rubbish!: World Book Day 2020

The Evil Pea thinks books are rubbish! Find out whether the veggies can prove him wrong in this brand new mini picture book created especially for World Book Day 2020.

It's night-time in the supermarket, and all the veggies are happily reading their brilliant books.

Well, not quite all... The Evil Pea thinks books are rubbish!

Is there anyone who can prove him wrong?

Book pages Placeholder Book

Evie in the Jungle


Eleven-year-old Evie has a talent. She can HEAR what animals are thinking and she can TALK to them with her mind.

When Evie goes on a trip to the Amazon rainforest, her powers are put to the test. She makes friends with pink river dolphins, must save an injured sloth, and discovers the secret life of a jaguar. Soon she sees that the jungle is in serious and deadly danger, and comes up with a rather risky plan to help save it . . .

A brilliant new story from bestselling author Matt Haig, featuring Evie from Evie and the Animals and with illustrations by the award-winning Emily Gravett.

Book pages Placeholder Book

Dog Man: World Book Day 2020

A BRILLIANT new DOG MAN book for World Book Day 2020 packed with three humorous stories.

Dav Pilkey's wildly popular DOG MAN series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes, including empathy, kindness, persistence and the importance of being true to one's self.

Book pages Placeholder Book

Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang - World Book Day 2020


A plucky little vampire who's just like you and me . . .

Amelia Fang is feeling very nervous about reading out loud in front of her class. So she decides to practice with her friends in Loose Limb Library.

But when they get there, the gang discovers big bite marks in every book! Bookworms have invaded and they chomp through EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in their path. How will Amelia save all the books - and her friends - before it's too late?

Sink your fangs into the exclusive World Book Day edition of the hilarious and charming AMELIA FANG by bestselling author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson - perfect for readers of 7+

Book pages Placeholder Book

The Day We Met The Queen: World Book Day 2020

A heartfelt and humorous new story for World Book Day 2020 from Onjali Q. Rauf, the bestselling and multi-award-winning author of  The Boy at the Back of the Class  .  

10-year-old Ahmet has become the Most Famous Refugee Boy in the World.

In fact, he's so famous even the queen wants to meet him  -   and his four best friends! So they're off to Buckingham Palace, with a list of questions for her and one special challenge: will she help more refugee children like Ahmet?

But when their journey is unexpectedly interrupted by an old enemy, it will take some quick thinking and an ingenious plan to make it to the palace  -   and the queen  -   on time.

Celebrate friendship and the power to make a difference, whatever your age or size.  

Book pages Placeholder Book

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library: World Book Day 2020

This is the epic, never-before-told story of the Super Zeroes' first ever active mission as real-life superheroes! A brilliant new mini-adventure in the bestselling, award-winning Kid Normal series, exclusively for World Book Day 2020.

Join Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes as they team up with wonderful school librarian and secret superhero Mrs Fletcher (whose special power is that her head can turn into a foghorn) to foil a dastardly, 1000-decibel plot.

When Mrs Fletcher's friend Margaret disappears from her duties as town librarian, it's clear that there's something strange afoot. A librarian never deserts their post! Plus the library has suddenly started hosting a whole host of ludicrously loud events. Cow choirs, pneumatic drill masterclasses, stamping competitions ... could a dastardly criminal be using the library to cover up a crime of epic proportions?

It's up to Murph, Mary, Hilda, Billy and Nellie to get to the bottom of this mega-loud mystery.

Book pages Placeholder Book

The Case of the Drowned Pearl: A Murder Most Unladylike Mini-Mystery: World Book Day 2020

A thrilling Murder Most Unladylike mystery, specially written and published for World Book Day 2020.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are best friends, schoolgirls - and detectives. And wherever Daisy and Hazel go, a mystery is sure to find them...

On holiday at the seaside with their friends George and Alexander, they discover a body on the beach. They soon realise this is Antonia Braithwaite: a famous swimmer, nicknamed The Pearl, who was due to compete at the Berlin Olympics next month. It appears she has accidentally drowned in the sea - but it's odd that this should happen to such a strong swimmer. Even more mysteriously, she smells not of the sea, but of Pears soap.

Rushing back to their elegant hotel, Daisy and Hazel discover three suspicious guests who all had reason to murder Antonia . . .

Book pages Placeholder Book

Alex Rider Undercover: Four Secret Files

Go undercover into the secret world of teen super spy Alex Rider in this explosive collection of action-packed short stories. See Alex take action against an imminent disaster, discover the truth behind the death of his parents and get inside the mind of his arch rival, Yassen Gregorovich.

Book pages Placeholder Book

My Awesome Guide to Getting Good at Stuff: World Book Day 2020

Discover the secret to GETTING GOOD AT STUFF in this brand-new book created especially for World Book Day 2020!  

Bestselling author Matthew Syed is here to bust some myths wide open. So if you believe that ...

 - You're either born with talent or you're not
 - Mistakes = Disaster!
 - Everyone is hopelessly better than me
 ... prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

Find confidence, resilience and determination in this hilarious and practical guide by learning from the best, getting over failures and nailing your practice.

So what are you waiting for?  It's time to get good at stuff!  

Book pages Placeholder Book


A day can change everything in this exclusive short story from the award-winning author of I Am Thunder , written for World Book Day 2020.

Fifteen-year-old Salma Hashbi has been caught with her boyfriend in a totally humiliating misunderstanding. Instantly accused of being easy, she is shunned by everyone at school, shamed by her community and worst of all has disappointed her mum.

Enough is enough and Salma decides to fight back against the prejudice and rumours and audition for the role of her dreams. But on the hottest day of the year, with everything against her, can Salma make it in time and show the world who she really is?

A powerful story of standing up and standing out from the Branford Boase Award-winning Muhammad Khan.

Book pages Placeholder Book

The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!: World Book Day 2020

A super-fun romantic comedy short story, set in the world of the bestselling The Kissing Booth - written exclusively for World Book Day 2020!

Everyone knows it's TOUGH having a long-distance relationship - especially when your boyfriend is as sizzlingly hot as Noah Flynn. Elle's thrilled her bad-boy-turned good has made it into Harvard, but being stuck back in California isn't much fun without him. So there's only one thing for it . . . a road trip to visit!

And what could be better than packing up your best buddy's convertible, heading out on Route 66, and looking for fun and adventure along the way? Maybe only the person waiting for you at the other end . . .

World Book Day 2020

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