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Best Children's Books this Month

We live for book reviews here at Toppsta towers. We are passionate about helping children discover the right books for their reading level and interests, using the real experts – you! Reader reviews are the best way for parents, teachers and kids to discover the latest and greatest books and that means we need your help.

So, what makes a great review? Most of all, be honest. Readers value your opinion. Other things to think about:

- What did you like or not like about this book and why? Who would you recommend it to?

- Where/ when is the book is set? Who are the main characters? Can you summarise the story without giving too much away?

- What type of book is it? Funny? Scary? Exciting? Is it non-fiction? Does it have illustrations? 

And lastly, no spoilers please! Most of us hate finding out the ending of a book before we read it. 

It doesn’t matter who read the book or who writes the review – we just want to hear your opinion. Share the books you love (and those you're not so keen on too) here.

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