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Recent Book Reviews
Book pages Poo in the Zoo
Read by an adult to a child aged 4 Poo in the Zoo
by Liswaingnot

My little boy absolutely loves this book! He adores animals and this book is full of them including copious amounts of poo

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Book pages The Gruffalo
Read by an adult The Gruffalo
by tillysouth

A lovely book for sharing with a child and creating an interest in reading

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Book pages Alfie's Christmas
Read by an adult to 3 children aged 4, 2 & 1 Alfie's Christmas
by Traceymitch

This is a firm favorite with the grandchildren with great illustrations and a fabulous author. 

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Book pages The Night Before the Night Before Christmas
Read by an adult to 2 children aged 4 & 2 The Night Before the Night Before Christmas
by Traceymitch

This arrived this week and I was not disappointed , an exciting story with rhyming words and great illustrations, plenty to discuss. This will certainly be read a few more times over the next couple o...

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Book pages Star Wars Maker Lab: 20 Galactic Science Projects
Read by a child aged 12 Star Wars Maker Lab: 20 Galactic Science Projects
by DizzyDino

I enjoyed reading about the various Star Wars things you could build. The book wasn't quite what I expected but it is good.

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Book pages Dear Zoo
Read by an adult to a child aged 2 Dear Zoo
by caralianne

This is such a lovely classic book and very charming. Great way to introduce different animals to toddlers and the lift the flaps are great fun for little ones. 

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Book pages The Christmasaurus
Read by an adult to a child aged 8 The Christmasaurus
by Bookmaster

This book is about a boy called William and the prehistoric Christmasaurus! I liked this book because it’s about Christmas and the book is very thrilling. This will make you call for Christmas for the...

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Book pages Kitchen Disco
Read by a child aged 8 Kitchen Disco
by Bookmaster

I think this book is Amazing because there’s lots of vibrant colour, groovy fruits and this book will make you dance for the entire day!

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Book pages Cardboard Box Creations
Read by an adult to a child aged 5 Cardboard Box Creations
by pauladonegan

This is a different type of book: it has various interesting and beautiful creations with cardboard boxes and as soon as I saw it I loved it because it even came with some cardboard pieces. Being by L...

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Book pages Being Miss Nobody
Read by a child aged 11 Being Miss Nobody
by Sid98

This is one incredibly roller coaster of a book.Its written in such a way that you can feel for the character and its upsetting at parts and makes you feel a bit angry at how they can treat her that w...

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