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Book pages Itch
Read by an adult to a child aged 10 Itch
by Reebs

We found this a bit slow to begin with but once Itch discovers his newest element is strange things start picking up.  Itch Lofte lives in Cornwall and collects the elements from the Periodic Table. T...

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Book pages The Fowl Twins
Read by a child aged 9 The Fowl Twins
by AlisonHM

This was a book full of Adventure, technology and fighting, with the twins bouncing off each other’s personalities. The story itself is also fast paced, and full of fancy technology talk. The threats ...

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Book pages A Day with the Animal Firefighters
Read by an adult to 2 children aged 6 & 4 A Day with the Animal Firefighters
by Rocky17

Reading this book to my children, I found it not as enjoyable to read as many other children's picture books. However, both my children enjoyed it especially my 4 year old. The focus seems to be more ...

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Book pages That Dog!
Read by an adult to 2 children aged 6 & 4 That Dog!
by Rocky17

I read this book to my 4 and 6 year old and they both really enjoyed it, in fact we have already read it a few times.A lovely short picture book which is likely to become a firm favourite. My children...

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Book pages Look Inside Your Body
Read by an adult to a child aged 3 Look Inside Your Body
by OliveMummy

MY daughter has become really inquisitive about the body and keeps asking questions. Her main question has been "why do we have bones?" and she's been very keen to understand what happens to her food ...

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Book pages The Castle of Tangled Magic
Read by an adult The Castle of Tangled Magic
by angelz_in_flight

Where to start - Sophie Anderson has literally smashed it out of the bag with the Castle of Tangled Magic Olia (Magnolia), her mum, dad and baby sister (Rosa), along with her Babusya (grandmother) res...

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Book pages The World's Worst Parents
Read by a child aged 6 The World's Worst Parents
by Effy

I really enjoyed this book by David Walliams. It has 10 short stories about the world's worst parents, including Peter Pong, who has the stinkiest feet, Posy Pooch, who loves dogs, and Supermum. My fa...

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Book pages Brenda Is a Sheep
Read by an adult to a child aged 4 Brenda Is a Sheep
by McDM1980

‘Brenda is a sheep’ is definitely a hit in our house! I read it to my 4 year old daughter and later caught my 10 year old son reading it! The front cover of the book is a bright green, so nice and eas...

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Book pages H.I.V.E. 7: Aftershock
Read by a child aged 14 H.I.V.E. 7: Aftershock
by Figlet

A thrilling addition to the H.I.V.E. series, this time set in the icy wastelands of Siberia as Otto and his friends engage on a frantic manhunt and race for survival that could end in death. I've been...

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Book pages The Bolds Go Wild
Read by a child aged 10 The Bolds Go Wild
by LoobyluP

I was really excited to read about the Bolds new adventures! It was a very funny book again with lots of new exciting characters and jokes. The illustrations are amazing and I really hope that there w...

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