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Far away in the icy wastes of Antarctica lives a warm and cuddly, kind-hearted penguin who only wants to do good in the world...NOT! This is no ordinary penguin! This is...EVIL EMPEROR PENGUIN! And he wants to take over the world!

Evil Emperor Penguin Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 16 in the The Phoenix Presents Series. See all The Phoenix Presents books here.

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1st November '15
Read to a child aged 6
Evil Emperor Penguin 9781910200513
5 stars
Favourite characters: Eugene, the blob Eugene made, Mister Eight, Keith. Sort of favourite characters: Evil Cat, EEP. Worst characters: Evilyn. What I like about it: The way the blob rapidly grew. What I did not like about it: The way EEP left Eugene to be stenched. What I found funny: The way the basooka fired cows and the bombs butterflies and the cupcake bubbles.
25th January '16
Wes1 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Evil Emperor Penguin 9781910200513
5 stars
This book is a very good story. When I read the blurb it made me want to read it even more. I really wanted to find out what happens in the 'far away land of Antartica'. I enjoyed looking at the very funny characters pictures and cartoons. I loved the vivid colours (especially the black and white and the red cape of the Emperor Penguiin. It was both sad and funny at times and the story kept me very interested until the end. There was a lot to take in as each page had lots of writing and pictures to look at. I also liked the way the book was split into chapters that were named (for example: Word Wide Web or Please alight for the domination station part 1). One of my favourite characters was Eugene the furry Abominable Snowman. He tries to be mean but he is so cute and cuddly it's hard to see him as an evil character in the story. He is used by the Evil Emperor Penguin to do bad deads but I could tell that he had a soft heart and didn't like to obey the E.E.P. instructions. I really loved the last scene where all the various characters get together to have something to eat and the Unicorn finds a camera. Then they all have to say 'SELFIE' and smile! The only one who doesn't is the Evil Emperor Penguin. Typical!! I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of the same series. I would definitely recomend this book to my friends both boys and girls. Hope you enjoyed reading my review. Wesley 
1st January '16
I read it to Littllest Miss A aged 8 months aged 0
Evil Emperor Penguin 9781910200513
5 stars
I love reading comic books and graphic novels so really enjoyed reading this book.  I really liked the main character he was really evil but not in a scary way!  It was a really fun book to read by myself and I will read it again.  I found it easy to read by myself, there weren't really any words that were too tricky.  I really would like to read other books like this with the Evil Emperor Penguin in.  I think anyone who likes reading comics would enjoy this book.
3rd May '17
TopLegomaster read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Evil Emperor Penguin 9781910200513
5 stars
5 stars because it is funny, there is lots to read and lots of evil plans. None of the evil plans work. The evil emperor penguin likes to invent things and so do I. 
This is a graphic novel which means it is all pictures like a comic. It is quite different to normal story books. You can really get involved in the stories and the characters come to life with the pictures. I shall be looking for other similar books in the library. 
I recommend to people who like inventing from 6 year upwards but babies may might like the pictures too. 
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