The Three Grumpies
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The Three Grumpies


The Three Grumpies Reviews | Toppsta

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You know the feeling - a black cloud descends on the day and things just don't seem to go right. You spill your milk, trip up on a step, forget to take your homework with you to school. It could be that you have the Grumpies, just like the little girl in this charming and light-hearted book about a bad mood day. But she is not going to get stuck with the Grumpies. Oh no! She is going to see them off and rescue her good humour. So, if you do know that feeling and you do have one of those days, then this is just the book to help you snap right out of it.

The Three Grumpies Reviews | Toppsta


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Age 4 6

About Tamra Wight

Tamra Wight lives in America and this is her first picture book text for Bloomsbury. Ross Collins lives in Glasgow and he is a regular and much-loved contributor to the Bloomsbury list. Ross's picture book Supposing won a Scottish Arts Award as well as a Blue Peter Prize.

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About Ross Collins

Ross Collins was born in Glasgow and graduated from the  Glasgow School of Art with a first in illustration, winning the  Macmillan Children's Book Prize the same year. Since then  he has illustrated over 100 children's book and has written  8, winning many prestigious awards including the Scottish  Children's Book Award and Royal Mail Book Award. He lives i

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