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Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop


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Zoe has found a fun new game to play! When Beans jumps through her hoop he magically transforms into . . . Beans the rabbit with floppy ears, or Beans the crocodile with snappy jaws! But could Beans the elephant be a jump too far? The hoop may be magic but it's only small - and a great big elephant could easily get stuck . . . The second title in this brilliant series!

Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 8 in the Zoe and Beans Series. See all Zoe and Beans books here.

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12th May '18
I read it to Joshuag aged 2 aged 2
Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop 9780330518406
5 stars
From the same author who did the Kipper stories.

I Believe this is part of a series too but so far this is the only one we have read

The story is about a magic hoop, just the right length for bedtime reading with some good pictures to look at.
8th September '18
I read it to aiwilford aged 6 aged 6 & to mrwilford aged 4 aged 4
Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop 9780330518406
5 stars
Great book. Zoe has a great imagination and imagines that when her dog jumps through the hoop, he changes into a different animal. After reading this book, my kids played for ages making our dog jump through a hoop and imagined what animals he had changed into. Lovely story and great illustrations. 
20th December '16
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop 9780330518406
5 stars
I'm Another charming offering in this lovely series.

We have five of the Zoe and Beans books and they never fail to disappoint my two toddlers.

The illustrations are beautiful and work well with the simple text. The story is easy to follow for young children - especially due to the nature of it being a picture book!

My son finds it hilarious as Beans transforms and enjoys telling me what animal he now is. 

The book has seen some wear and tear but as it's frequently in the hands of over-enthusiastic one and two years olds, it's no reflection on it's quality.

Charming tale that we revisit often by request of the kids.
11th June '17
I read it to Squirt aged 3 aged 3
Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop 9780330518406
5 stars
We found this book to be lots of fun, my daughter loved seeing all the silly animals that Beans was turned into each time he jumped through the hoop. I thought the pictures were really friendly and cute. A nice story to share.
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