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Captain Whiskers


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Cats in the bath. Cats in the cupboards. A hundred cats everywhere!Everyone in Jack's class has a pet, but all Jack has is his little brother Freddie. And little brothers don'tmake very good pets. But when Jack meets The Man With The Top Hat and his lovely cat Mrs Wilson,he's about to get the pet he's always wanted - and many, many more ... A furry, funny and very cute Little Gem that's full of heart from King of Comedy Jeremy Strong!

Captain Whiskers Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 41 in the Little Gems Series. See all Little Gems books here.


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About Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong Biography
Jeremy Strong has been publishing books since the 1978 and still has many more stories to tell. To date he has published over one hundred books and shows no sign of stopping yet! Imagine how full his bookshelves must be!

Most of his books are illustrated by Nick Sharratt, who also ill

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About Matt Robertson

Matt Robertson grew up in Suffolk, and spent most of his childhood drawing and creating characters. He completed his MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art in 2014, receiving a Distinction for his work. Matt is the winner of a Lara Jones Award and a Macmillan Children's Book Prize, and he was a finalist in the Waterstone's 'Picture Thi

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