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From bestselling Tracey Corderoy - author of the Hubble Bubble and Shifty McGifty series - comes an enchanting new series.

Bryony May doesn't want to move house, even if it is to a sweet cottage by the sea. Not when she has to leave everyone behind - her school friends and her four-legged friends at the local riding stables.

Then, while exploring the woods near her new home, Bryony meets a beautiful bay pony. The pony is seriously spooked but luckily Bryony is able to calm him down. Afterwards she can't stop thinking about the little pony so when they unexpectedly meet again days later, she knows it's meant to be.

That is, until she meets Georgina... Georgina's supposed to be the pony's owner, but she doesn't seem to care a bit about him. She hasn't even given him a name! But for some reason she's determined to keep Bryony away.

Will Bryony ever get close to her dream pony?

A story of friendship, adventure and the love of a horse. For fans of Amanda Wills, Pippa Funnell, Stacey Gregg and Lauren St John.

The Pony With No Name Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the Seaview Stables Adventures Series. See all Seaview Stables Adventures books here.

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24th September '18
Hstar read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
5 stars
Bryony moves to a new home after her Dad dies.  She loves horses and meets a pony in the forest whilst exploring her new village.  I really liked |Bryony as she is a kind girl who loves looking after horses.  I really enjoyed this book as the girls were a similar age to me and enjoyed the things that I do.  It made me feel happy to read it.
18th September '18
I read it to Suzanne aged 9 aged 9
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
5 stars
I love ponies and just like Bryony May would love to have one. When I received this book I started to read it immediately - I couldn't wait to see what kind of story is hidden behind this gorgeous cover. I wasn't disappointed. I loved every chapter in this book. Bryony reminds me myself as I had to move to the new place a few months ago and I know how difficult and adventurous it can be. I love all the parts about Bryony and Red (the pony) - their friendship was amazing - they fell in love with each other straight away. It's a shame Georgina stayed horrible to the end. Maybe she will change for better in the next book?

I adore this book and will tell about it to all my friends! I can't wait to read another book written by Tracy!
23rd August '18
I read it myself (an adult)
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
5 stars
‘The Pony With No Name,’ is the first book in a delightful new series the ‘Seaview Stables Adventures,’ from the brilliant Tracey Corderoy. For me there is a real gap in the market between first chapter books and full blown middle grade stories, so it was really interesting to get my hands on a story which bridges this gap wonderfully. When Bryony May has to move house, to live by the se,a she is distraught at leaving everyone behind – her school friends and her beloved horses at her local riding stables. She is anxious about making new friends and trying to adjust to her new life after the death of her Dad, whilst trying to protect her Mum by hiding her unhappiness. But fate lends a hand and one day while exploring the woods, Bryony discovers a beautiful pony who has been spooked. When she manages to calm him down she feels an instant connection with this pony, who like her, has sadness behind his eyes. Unable to stop thinking about the pony, she can’t believe her luck when she spots an advert from a lady looking for help with her daughter’s new pony. Her joy is soon halted when she meets the pony’s owner Georgina who doesn’t care about him at all, in fact she hasn’t even given him a name. Worst of all Georgina is determined to keep Bryony away from her pony, how can she ever get close to the pony she loves again?

Tracey has created a truly charming story which will leave readers pining for more. Her writing is so beautifully descriptive and engaging, so much so that when I sat down to write this review I had to go back and check that the story wasn’t illustrated as I could see it so clearly in my mind. You can feel the uneven surface of the cobbled streets beneath your feet, smell the sea air tingling your nose and you can see the peach and lilac sunset in the sky. I loved the bond between Bryony and Red, the feelings that they have in common and how they both offer hope to each other of a new future. The dynamics and ups and downs of friendship are considered and explored carefully. We see the power Georgina has over Bryony and her friend Emma and how she uses her wealth and privilege to control them both. We’re also shown the power of friendship and how it can give you the courage to be yourself and stand up for who you are and what you believe in. Dealing sensitively with grief and the difficulties for children in dealing with big changes in their lives, it’s a really thoughtful story. It offers the perfect mix of friendship and a truly enjoyable adventure,  I can see it being hugely appealing.
21st September '18
I read it to aiwilford aged 6 aged 6 & to mrwilford aged 4 aged 4
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
5 stars
The book has a lovely story about a girl who has just moved to a cottage by the sea and her dad had recently died. While exploring near her new house, she meets Red, a pony and falls in love. Its a sweet story about caring, loving, bullying and grief. The author sets a great atmosphere and the characters are nice. My little girl enjoyed hearing about how to look after a pony and we had to research more about it.  Would definitely recommend but for children over 7yrs. 
23rd September '18
Mehwish read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
4 stars
It was about Bryony who has moved with her family and she meets a pony one day.
It tackles a lot of issues, with moving,grief and bullying
Unfortunately the pony is not being looked after well with the owner Georgina who is mean.
It was sad at times but uplifting at times. 
28th October '18
AnneBJ read it themselves aged 15 aged 15
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
4 stars
This book is about a girl called Bryony who LOVES ponies and is desperate to get a pony of her own.  She sees a notice in the village post office which is run by Mrs Pigeon, who is one of the funniest characters in the book. The notice says that a ten year old girl needs help to look after her new pony, so Bryony feels very excited and asks her mum to phone the telephone number on the notice.  Sadly, it didn't go to plan and Bryony's happiness didn't last for long.

My favourite part of the book was when Bryony entered lots of different competitions at the village fete because she was desperate to raise as much money as she can for something really special.

I found the introduction of lots of characters at the start of the book quite confusing, but the book is worth persevering with because the story is really well written and there are a few surprises along the way.
21st September '18
I read it myself (an adult)
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
4 stars
I gifted this book to my niece after reading it myself, she loves horses, and is in the process of a big move. So this story was perfect. It is beautifully written, sensitively dealing with grief and change. A tale of friendship and the challenges thrown at Bryony. Looking forward to the next in the series. 
20th September '18
I read it myself (an adult)
The Pony With No Name 9781471170416
3 stars
This is the book equivalent of a great big sticky bun. It is a very nice book, where you know exactly what you will get and it is all rather lovely, particularly if you like horses. There are tenser moments and there is a theme of bullying, but because it is the kind of book you know it is from the start, there is nothing particularly scary and the heroine Bryony, is a remarkably capable kind of girl. 
For me it is the setting as much as anything that creates the atmosphere in the book. I did wonder if it was based on areal place (and if so I'd love to visit) It is a seaside and rural scene and came across as so vivid I wanted to go there and explore. 
Bryony has had to move away from the city to a village where she sort of wants to be but also does not as her friends have been left behind.  On the plus side she is now near her Grandfather and he becomes a central character in the story, a confidante and adult support. Bryony wants to make new friends but also is sad she has left behind the riding stables where her old friends were. She accidentally meets a pony whilst out walking and falls in love with him and the book revolves around this relationship between the girl and the horse.
Suitable for readers of 8+
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