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Tracey Corderoy

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    Tracey Corderoy Biography
    Tracey Corderoy is an award winning children's author who has written over 45 books since 2010. She won the Hounslow Junior Book Award 2014 for Baddies Beasties and a Sprinkling of Crumbs and the Hillingdon Picture Book of the Year in 2011 for The Grunt and The Grouch. She's also been shortlisted for the People's Book Prize 2012 and the 2012 Independent Booksellers Week Award. 

    Tracey grew up in South Wales and moved to Bath when she was 18 to train to become a primary school teacher. She left teaching after having her first daughter and later returned to working in primary schools implementing literacy programmes and reintegrating children into school after long periods of illness. It was during this time she began writing stories for children. 

    Our favourite Tracey Corderoy Book Characters
    Shifty and Sam - from the Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam series
    Pandora's Granny - from the Hubble Bubble series
    27th June 2018

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Missing Masterpiece

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam have made it to the magical streets of Paris, baking a spectacular gingerbread Eiffel To... More

    (12 reviews)
    5th May 2016

    Squish Squash Squeeze!

    Squish Squash Squeeze! is the brilliant new picture book from talented author/illustrator team Tracey Corderoy and... More

    (9 reviews)
    4th May 2015

    I Want My Daddy!

    Some days we just need our daddies. And Arthur REALLY needs his daddy today. His play castle is all wrong, he bumps le... More

    (8 reviews)
    23rd August 2018

    The Pony With No Name

    From bestselling Tracey Corderoy - author of the Hubble Bubble and Shifty McGifty series - comes an enchanting... More

    (8 reviews)
    24th June 2015

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Cat Burglar

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam have swapped a life of crime for baking cakes in their cafe. But now there's a new robbe... More

    (6 reviews)
    2nd May 2013

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam are two hapless robber dogs who decide on career change after one bungled burglary too ... More

    (6 reviews)
    13th July 2017

    Fairy Tale Pets

    Bob has decided to be a pet-sitter. He just can't wait for all the cute hamsters and bunnies to arrive! But when Goldilo... More

    (6 reviews)
    5th September 2011

    The Little White Owl

    Once there was a little white owl who lived by himself in the snow. He didn't have a mummy. He didn't have a daddy. He d... More

    (5 reviews)
    1st October 2013

    Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off

    Pandora's granny is (whisper it) a witch! She causes magical mayhem wherever she goes. In these stories, she brings comi... More

    (5 reviews)
    1st September 2011

    Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble

    If your granny were a little bit, well, different from other grannies, would you want to change her . . . or would you e... More

    (5 reviews)
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