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Was read to me 20th March '19

Alfie Outdoors
Author: Shirley Hughes
We absolutely love the Alfie series in our house and were keen to read this one - as usual with the Alfie books, this focuses on how little people see everyday events. In this one Alfie is gardening and learning about how things grow, and about being patient while they do grow. It's not our complete favourite but certainly a good one in the canon.

Was read to me 13th March '19

Josh and Jaz Have Three Mums
Author: Hedi Argent Illustrator: Amanda Wood
This is a really great book for introducing children to diverse family structures. It's about twins Josh and Jaz who are adopted and live with their two mums but who are also aware of their birth families. It introduces all of this in a very straightforward and matter of fact way and the story is all about how Josh and Jaz share this information with their friends. The key message is that Josh and Jaz are just like everyone else and that every family is unique. My four-year-old really enjoyed it and it was great to have this resource at hand for introducing different families in a fun way.

Was read to me 8th March '19

Ossiri and the Bala Mengro
Authors: Richard O'Neill , Katharine Quarmby Illustrator: Hannah Tolson
This is a fabulous book with a really interesting story all about a little girl who loves music. It's written by a Romany author and it's fantastic to find a book that introduces positive stories about the traveller community. My daughter didn't like the sound of the ogre at first but only very briefly as the story isn't written in a way which is at all scary. We discovered this author after seeing him at a storytelling event and will definitely be looking out for more books from him to discover.

Was read to me 8th March '19

Maisy Dresses Up
Author: Lucy Cousins Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
We are big fans of the Maisy series and despite the fact that I thought that my four-year-old might have moved on from the Maisy books - she still picked this one out of the library to read. I think it's the simple but beautiful and really brightly coloured illustrations that appeal so much. It's a very simple story about dressing up which we read on World Book Day which was quite timely!

Was read to me 8th March '19

Author: Hannah Whitty Illustrator: Paula Bowles
This is a fabulous, fun story about not underestimating the little guy. Super Kitty may be the smallest of the superheroes but is no less able to save the day! We loved reading this book and my daughter particularly liked the names of the characters. It's a fast-paced story with lots going on but most of all we loved the message that just because you're small doesn't mean you can't be mighty!