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The Princess and the Wizard

by , Lydia Monks

The Princess and the Wizard Reviews | Toppsta

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"The princess may try seven times to escape

By changing her colour and changing her shape."

But each time Princess Eliza changes - into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat - the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. Will this plucky princess be able to outwit him and escape back to the palace in time to cut her birthday cake?

Created by bestselling team Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, The Princess and the Wizard is a charming magical tale with glitter on every page!

The Princess and the Wizard Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781405090766
  • Pub Date: 7th September 2007
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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1st January '17
I read it to HollyF aged 3 aged 3
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
This is my little girls current favourite book. She received it for Christmas and I have had to read it to her and bed time every night since.

We have lots of other Julia Donaldson books and we love them all. She never disappoints. Not the usual rhyming type we are used to but a lovely story.

It's a lovely illustrated and glittery book, my little one remained interested for the whole book.

It's a story about a princess who is having a party for her birthday until a wizard turns up and turns her guests to stone. She has 7 changes to change colour and shape to escape from the wizard.
29th June '18
I read it to Leia aged 7 aged 7
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
The first thing you realise when you hold this book is how very sparkly it is. Every page, including the cover is covered with raised patterns so for children who love touching the books while they are read, this is perfect. The story starts when the wizard turns the Princess' party guests to stone, her fairy godmother casts a spell letting the princess have seven chances to escape. So each day the princess turns into a different coloured creature to try to escape. It's wonderfully written and illustrated and is super for teaching colours too! 
11th November '16
I read it to Ellielebugjnr aged 1 aged 1
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
This was a bargain £2 on Amazon prime, I'd quite happily pay full price. We have other Julia Donaldson books and we love them. It's a lovely large glittery book, the glitter on each page keeps my toddler interested in story time and she sits still for the whole book. Beautiful bold illustrations, it's a funny magical witty story full off twists and turns. I love the learning aspect, we went through all the colours and counting each chance she gets to escape, this really helps her development. She loved the blue fish best.  She loves pointing out all the  colours and animals  a that she can say on each page, we make it a game of can you find the dog, bird etc. It's a cross between Cinderella/Sleeping beauty but with a naughty wizard rather than wicked witch. We love this quirky modern fairytale with nice rhyming sentences. Julia Donaldson is definitely one of our favourite authors of all time. 
4th August '16
I read it to Pip aged 1 aged 1
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
This is one of our new favourite books to read my daughter at bedtime. Julia Donaldson doesn't disappoint. As usual the story flows wonderfully and has a lovely rhythm to it. Love the illustration with glitter on every page. The story involves a princess, an evil wizard and a fairy godmother - all the elements for a fab book!
18th January '17
I read it to Rubiroo aged 4 aged 4
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
We love Julia Donaldson and my daughter love the look of the cover all girlie and sparkly and like the fact it continues throughout the book. This story was around princess Eliza's birthday the wizard put a spell on her so that she only had seven times to escape from him. It was full of great illustrations and pictures to catch my daughters eye and had her looking for items in the book. 
16th May '18
I read it to Crouch twins aged 2 aged 2
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
We love the Julia Donaldson books with all the sparkles. It's great to see so many animals in it and also concentrates on lots of different colours so my boys are learning whilst reading. The princess is a great hero who manages to defeat the wizard by using her brain. A great book. 
8th May '15
I read it to Eliza Shippey aged 6 aged 6
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
This story is fantastic for young children the pictures are wonderfully drawn with every page with glitter . Princess Eliza gets  taken away from her castle by a mean Wizard who wasn't invited to her Birthday Party she then had seven attempts to escape by changing her colour and changing her shape . But was found easily to start with the help of the Wizards Magic Book . But Princrss Eliza out smarts the wizard in the end and returns to the castle and her party .
2nd January '16
I read it to AvaW aged 2 aged 2
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
I got this book for my daughter as I had previously bought her one of the other princess stories by Julia Donaldson; princess mirrorbelle & the dragon pox book and she loved it. She enjoyed this story just as much. Princess Eliza has a birthday party, and because she didn't invite the evil wizard he captures her and locks her in a cellar. With her Fairy Godmothers help, will princess Eliza escape? There is glitter on every page, which my daughter can't get enough of. The story kept my 2year olds attention, and its not a short story. It is well written, with lovely rhymes and introduces days of the week. A very magical book
22nd May '17
I read it to KeeratKT aged 2 aged 2
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
5 stars
We all love Julia Donaldson in our house and this is another beautiful addition to the collection but with a girly, glittery spin - perfect for my 2 year old. It is a lovely book for little ones, beautifully illustrated and colourful. My daughter loves pulling this book out for me to read to her at bedtime. 
26th January '17
Bumblebee25 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
4 stars
Julia Donaldson is a genius. We love this book. Exciting and fun. Tad to long for my youngest, age 4 however my eldest and 2 step kids love it, age 8 and 9. A favourite still despite the number of times we've read it.

There is so much to see on every page lots of colour and glitter on every page.
5th April '18
I read it to JasperM555 aged 2 aged 2
The Princess and the Wizard 9781405090766
3 stars
This is a great book and one that is enjoyed but isn't a popular one. Hubby doesn't enjoy the lack of rhymes he loves with JD books, the story is a bit plot-holey (which sounds odd to say about a childrens book but makes a difference if you're reading it at bedtime!) and the illustrations aren't as gripping as those done by Axel. 

Saying that though, it is a good tale of princesses and wizards and the things they get up to and is a perfect length for bedtime! 
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