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Lydia Monks

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    Lydia Monks Biography
    Lydia Monks is a bestselling illustrator and author of children’s books, best known for her collaborations with author Julia Donaldson. Many of their books have become household favourites, including What the Ladybird Heard, which has sold over a million copies and been translated into many languages. 
    Lydia’s own books with her colourful and quirky illustrations including, Aaarrggh Spider! and I Wish I Were a Dog have won many awards and accolades including the CLIP Greenaway Award. Mouse's Big Day was published in 2017.
    Lydia Monks lives with her husband and two daughters in Sheffield.

    Lydia Monks Facts
    What The Ladybird Heard has been adapted into a theatre production which has toured worldwide.
    Our favourite Lydia Monks Book Characters
    Mungo Mouse – from the Mungo Mouse series
    Ladybird – from What the Ladybird Heard series

    5th March 2010

    What the Ladybird Heard

    "Oink!" said the cats . . . With all the MOOing and HISSing and BAAAing and CLUCKing, the farmyard is full of ... More

    (91 reviews)
    31st December 2015

    Sugarlump and the Unicorn

    Follow the adventures of Sugarlump the rocking horse and a magical unicorn in this delightful rhyming story from the... More

    (49 reviews)
    27th June 2017

    What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday

    Those two bad men, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh, are back! They may be in the city instead of the farm, but they haven't c... More

    (49 reviews)
    28th March 2013

    The Singing Mermaid

    The singing mermaid is tempted away from her home at Silversands to join the circus. The audiences love her but the po... More

    (48 reviews)
    6th May 2005

    Sharing a Shell

    The tiny hermit crab loves his new shell. He doesn't want to share it -- not with a blobby purple anenome and a tickly... More

    (43 reviews)
    4th April 2019

    What the Ladybird Heard Next

    Once upon a farm lived a ladybird, And these are the things that she saw and heard... Those crafty robbers Hef... More

    (42 reviews)
    26th April 2016

    The Princess and the Wizard

    "The princess may try seven times to escape By changing her colour and changing her shape." But each tim... More

    (30 reviews)
    4th April 2019

    The Girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes

    A magical adventure about a girl, a bear and some very special shoes from the bestselling creators of What the Lad... More

    (30 reviews)
    24th May 2012

    The Rhyming Rabbit

    The Rhyming Rabbit is a delightful story from bestselling duo Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, creators of the hug... More

    (28 reviews)
    2nd April 2020

    What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside

    Join everyone's favourite crime-busting ladybird on a trip to the seaside! With a cast of wonderful sea creatures, i... More

    (27 reviews)
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