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Yikes, Stinkysaurus!


Yikes, Stinkysaurus! Reviews | Toppsta

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Stinkysaurus is the smelliest dinosaur in the whole wide world, and don't the other dinosaurs know it!

The dinos rushed for cover,
When Stinkysaurus was about!
He smelled so bad that just one whiff,
Could knock a T-Rex out!

He never ever brushed his teeth,
So his breath was super-grotty.
And, poo! You won't believe the smells,
That parped out from his botty!
Yikes, Stinkysaurus!

Finally, however, the other dinosaurs decide that the time has come for Stinkysaurus to take a bath. But will Stinkysaurus agree? Find out in this pong-fest of a picture book.

Yikes, Stinkysaurus! Reviews | Toppsta


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12th May '17
I read it to PHanke aged 1 aged 1
Yikes, Stinkysaurus! 9781408837078
5 stars
This book made my daughter giggle - the stinky dinosaur wasn't very popular, until one day all his friends managed to give him a nice bubbly bath!  A lovely bedtime tale.
12th January '15
I read it to JP Bristol aged 3 aged 3
Yikes, Stinkysaurus! 9781408837078
4 stars
My son read this picture book at the library and liked it enough to bring it home with him.  This is a fun picture book about a smelly dinosaur who never washes and sneezes green slimy snot all over the other dinosaurs.  His friends eventually have enough and prepare a great big bubble bath for him.  Luckily Stinkysaurus is over the moon about the after effects of this and happily enjoys renewed friendship with the other dinosaurs!  Good for little boys who like smelly farts and snot.....
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