Albi the Glowing Cow Boy
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Albi the Glowing Cow Boy


Albi the Glowing Cow Boy Reviews | Toppsta

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On a quiet farm in a frosty England, under the glowing light of a magical milk moon, a boy calf is born. His name is Albi, and he has no idea how extraordinary he is going to be.

Several miles away lives a human boy called Rufus. Rufus is extraordinary in his own way, but he has no friends and no one to love him. Rufus seeks the family he never had, and he'll go to any lengths to find it.
Albi and Rufus must each embark on a journey that will take them across continents, showing them things they never believed could be true. But why are they so deeply connected? And will each extraordinary 'boy' find what they're searching for?
An epic, one-of-a-kind story to encourage empathy and open questioning minds.
Cover illustration by Levi Pinfold with interior illustrations by Angela Cogo.

Albi the Glowing Cow Boy Reviews | Toppsta


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First Line

It was freezing and frosty, that January night.

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  • "Prepare to have your heart stolen, your imagination fired, and your mind blown by the adorable Albi, a small cow with a big message!" - Ben Miller
  • ‘I love kind, clever Albi, who’s come to help save the world. His amazing magical story will open kids’ eyes to the possibility of a greener, happier future... A great book for our time by the talented Georgia Byng.’ - Mary McCartney
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About Georgia Byng

Georgia Byng is a former actress and now children's author. Her best known work is Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism and its sequels, recently adapted for the big screen. Georgia lives in London.

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