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Discover the stories of history's most inspiring women and their extraordinary achievements! DK Reader: Amazing Women is a close-up look at the lives of trail-blazing women from the past and present, from Cleopatra to Malala Yousafzai. Learn about the ground-breaking writing careers of the Bronte sisters, the brave and heart-breaking story of Anne Frank, how J K Rowling's Harry Potter led her to find international success from poverty, and the against-all-odds sporting successes of Simone Biles and Venus and Serena Williams. DK Reader Amazing Women explores the worlds of all these women and more with plenty of images and real-life quotes. DK's innovative range of levelled readers combines a highly visual approach with non-fiction narratives that children will love reading. DK Reader: Amazing Women is a level 4 reader, Reading Alone, offering a delightful narrative for young children to encourage an interest in and desire to read. Simple sentences are used with an emphasis on frequently used words with strong visual clues and labels introducing and reinforcing vocabulary.

Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 6 in the DK Readers Level 4 Series. See all DK Readers Level 4 books here.

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11th March '17
I read it myself (an adult)
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
This is a very informative non fiction text - perfect to link with International Women's Day!  The book consists of women who have made a significant impact in the areas of science & technology, business, sports, world leaders, explorers, and the arts.  I was very impressed to see that the women featured are from around the world, for example Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Angela Merkel & Malala Yousafzai.  The book is full of women from ancient history (Cleopatra) right through to our contemporary age (Theresa May / Hillary Clinton).  
Whilst reading this I felt that the publishers had really made an effort to consider 'what made these women amazing?', and the facts about each woman is just enough to highlight their great achievement, and would want a child to read on more about that lady. Lots of colour photographs are used throughout the book, and there is a quiz, fact cards and very good glossary.
Above all, it's an informative book, which I feel is aimed children 8+.  It's definitely a book I would have in my children's book corner, and one for my class book shelf too.  Highly recommend! 
28th March '17
I read it to Iowmatilda aged 6 aged 6
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
I love reading this book with my daughter- it has a wide variety of amazing women from history to the modern day and teaches my daughter that she can be whatever she wants. I am also enjoying learning about some of these women about whom I knew very little
11th March '17
I read it to CCR06 aged 10 aged 10
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
This is a brilliant book.
It is full to brimming of information about inspirational women both past and present. You can't help but feel empowered after reading through it. 
It is organised into 7 categories with a section at the end of each with a focus or snapshots. There is a good quiz at the end as well as a glossary. The variety in ways of presenting the information keeps the reader interested. 
I can foresee that this book will be very useful for school projects over the coming years!
11th March '17
I read it to rsa aged 7 aged 7
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
I think this series of book, which Amazing Women comes from, is excellent for young readers. They are lovely hardback, informative books with plenty of pictures and photographs. Text is broken down into manageable sizes, divided by appropriate sections. (In this case World Leaders, Explorers, Anne Frank, Business Leaders, Super Scientists etc.)  I found it interesting reading it with my son, finding out what he had learned from Horrible Histories ( I suspect) and what areas he had no knowledge of whatsoever. A very useful book which I would definitely recommend.
24th March '17
I read it to 2R aged 6 to 7
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
A super sturdy and informative book perfect for referencing from, research activities or just if you want to find out about inspirational women throughout the times. I had a quick look through the book before I read it to my class and was slightly surprised at the level of language and technicality of the language used, Although I am aware it is a non-fiction book which uses technical language and has a strong use of the glossary I still found myself wondering if a child would find it tricky. I certainly wouldn't say it was aimed at as early as 3 as my nephew would never understand it and I still feel as early as 6 it is quite a lot to take in. For older readers it is possible to read alone but I still found myself explaining some of the more difficult words to them whilst we shared the book together. The book was perfect for introducing the features of a non-fiction text and was clear and easy to use. The children were able to quickly identify features like sub-headings, captions, headings and images. I was pleasantly surprised at their views of the book, I expected them to not like it actually as they are generally fiction boffins and would much prefer a fantasy story with pictures and imaginary items and places, However during the book reading they would often ask multiple questions to build upon their knowledge, pass comments about how they thought it was unfair of people to be treated in the way they were and also how much they were enjoying the book with almost all of the class enjoying it and looking forward to finding out more about the women it was written about. I was also surprised at how many of them had already heard of the women featured in the book and how they had some understanding already so the book was perfect for building on prior knowledge and informing them of new information they didn't already know. It definitely sparked many conversations about past rules, laws and regulations throughout the world and how they had either heard of it affecting their families or had read about it before. I suppose I just wanted to shield them from the negativity that has occurred and still does now across the world - it's difficult to know what their parents has already broached with them so I did tread carefully on some sensitive issues and changed some of the wording to make it a bit more child friendly. All in all we really enjoyed the book and found it wholly interesting and beneficial to shaping their understanding of the world in the past and as it is today. It’s a brilliant book for teaching younger children the importance of the features of a non-fiction book and how to use them to benefit you most. It is the perfect book to use to aid children’s understanding of knowledge of the world, history and religious and geographical aspects also. I will definitely be referring back to it when we look at inspirational women in history like Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole etc in a few short weeks. It would be much more suited to older children in my opinion and although it is classed as a ‘read alone’ book, due to the nature of some of the topics involved I chose to read it as a class book which was the best option for us but it would be much better reading it to yourself rather than a group. The children had various things to say about the book. Their views are as follows:
HW aged 6: It taught me a lot because it told me about lots of ladies who changed the world and one day I wish that I could do
H aged 7: I'd give it 4 stars because I thought it was interesting because it tells you all about the past and what is happening now. I would recommend it to my dad and cousin because they love history and they tell me a lot about it too.
KB aged 6: I liked the book because it gave me so much information and I like sports so that was my favourite part. I was very impressed of what people could do, as well I never knew they used to test on animals so I didn't like that bit but it was very helpful. I would give it 5 stars. I would recommend it to my cousin because she loves history lots and lots and she likes talking about the past and she has lots of books about it. I think she would like it a lot.
GO aged 6: I liked the book because the women that had disabilities did amazing things and all of the ladies inspired me to do something like them. I would recommend it to my sister because she loves history and she loves reading.
TD aged 6: I thought it taught you a lot about literacy and inspires you to do things that you didn't think you could do. Women are just as strong as men and can do anything.
KC aged 7: It felt like we were having a history lesson everytime we read the book and I liked it because I didn't know anyone could change the world in that way. I would recommend it to my cousin because she loves history and I think it's her favourite topic.
AD aged 7: I loved the book because history is one of my favourite topics and there was lots of history in it. I didn't know people could change the whole world and it must have been hard because they had to fight and fight for years and years. It inspired me to want to change the world and do anything I think. I would recommend it to my sister because she likes geography and history and facts, just like the book.
IS aged 7: I really liked the book because it told us things we didn't already know. I knew some of the people like Simone Biles because I do gymnastics too. It was the best book I think we've read because there was a lot about sport and it made me feel like I could do that too. It made me think that if I got to the Olympics then I would be in that book one day if I changed the world. I would recommend it to my sister because she would love it too.
6th July '17
I read it to Berrylookalike aged 8 aged 8
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
There’s no denying that our young women have some stunningly good role models to look up to. There’s a rich herstory of game-changing women across all fields of life. The key is re-writing the history books to bring these women to the surface and celebrate them as they deserve. And that’s where books like these come in to play. Amazing Women and 100 Women Who Made History from DK Publishing are fantastic resources. They are accessible, fun and packed with information.

What impressed me the most about these books is the sheer range of women, topics and fields covered. There is something here to engage and inspire every child, no matter what their interest, love or ability.

Amazing Women by Caryn Jenner is a level 4 book in the DK reading series. It’s more suited for children who can read independently and confidently and the text is much more involved than in 100 Women. Split into 7 chapters covering women who changed the world, world leaders, explorers, science and medicine, creative women, business leaders and sports sensations, Amazing Women introduces each area with a brief history of changes for women and then focuses on specific women across the field.

I love that, as well as more well-known women, these books highlight women around the world who are working to make the future bigger and brighter for the next generation. These books really are filled to the brim with role models.

Inspirational and empowering, these books belong in every school library. They really are incredible resources for the next generation of world changing women.
2nd March '18
I read it to WillP aged 6 aged 6
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
My son loved hearing about amazing women such as Serena Williams and Jane Goodall. NOT just for girls in any way. My son is learning about gender equality and also being inspired to do amazing things himself. Great illustrations and pitched at a level where my son could read most of it himself, with a bit of help from me.
10th March '17
I read it to Hermione aged 8 aged 8 , to Skye aged 4 aged 4 & to Rocky aged 4 aged 4
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
5 stars
This book arrived yesterday and my 8 year old daughter picked it up and starting reading it straight away! She's been telling me facts she's learned from it since then. The book has a lovely layout and is very easy for children to read independently. I can see it being very useful for homework and projects over the coming years. 
13th March '17
I read it to Montymoo aged 6 aged 6
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
4 stars
Lovely book! Broken up into chapters of area of influence such as politics, creative,  business entrepreneurs etc. Easy to read and understand and giving a factual account of each woman featured. 

Brilliant book! Great for easy reference for a project.  I learned alot too!! 
19th March '17
Aaronthecooldude read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
3 stars
The boy had a read first but much preferred the other dk book that he has. Although this is a next reading level book, it's laid out in a much more conservative and traditional way, and so isn't as engaging as others in the series. Overall the information is pretty comprehensive, but i found that the choice of subjects was slightly biased towards contemporary women. The inclusion of Theresa May and Angela Merkel was a bit unusual - history is yet to judge them!
20th March '17
I read it to Spencer aged 6 aged 6
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
3 stars
I felt that the book would be very important to show he great achievements women can make and, obviously, have made. Although the summary states the book would be suitable for children as young as two or three, it also states it's a level 4 book for more confident/independent readers.  I don't feel it's something that would engage by 6 year old fully, simply because he wouldn't understand some topics/contexts e.g. politics/voting.  I have read it with him and summarised what the women have done.  Some he could relate to e.g. first woman in space, as he is doing space as a topic at school.  This book may be more suitable for KS2 level but I felt it was very simplistic in some areas, not giving full weight/credit to achievements.  I, as another reviewer stated, was a little bemused by Theresa May's inclusion as she is yet 'unproven' - however, that said, it is a great achievement for her to have got to the level that she has.  I believe the book could have benefited from also including womens' roles in everyday life e.g. engineering, emergency services - this would feel more 'within reach' and inspiring / giving girls something to aspire to.  Overall though I think the concept of the book is good to challenge the conscious or subconscious ideas and values hat people have over what is a man's versus woman's role/job - certainly a good basis from which to start discussions.
25th March '17
Bee read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
3 stars
This book was a very interesting book. Just by flicking through it, I could just tell it was going to be a pleasure to read,and it was!
Now, the reason why I gave it 3 stars out of 5 was because it had a lot of people in it that will probably be lost in a few years time,like some Jazz dancers.
12th March '17
I read it to Soopa aged 2 aged 2
Amazing Women: Discover Inspiring Life Stories 9780241282694
1 stars
I was really disappointed with this book. It arrived to coincide with International Women's Day and I was hoping it would be a great resource to read with my daughter and for her to read alone when she's older to inspire her (and me!) However I found that it was just too simplistic. For example, it featured Theresa May. Yes, she is a female world leader but she has yet to do anything worthy of putting her next to other great contemporary and historical women listed. She is currently leading one of the most tumultuous governments of recent times with Britain going through constitutional crisis. It is yet to be seen how she is going to weather this storm and far too soon to include her in a book on inspiring world leaders. Margaret Thatcher, who as the first female PM is noteworthy, is mentioned in a list of world leaders and this would have been a better place for Theresa May. The quote from her was about how she wants equal chance for everyone to succeed. Coming during a week where she announced huge public funding for the return of grammar schools this made me wonder who on earth wrote this. I think in trying to make things easy for kids the book is just too simplistic. Another example is the inclusion of Mother Theresa. A great example of famous woman who achieved great things but why was there not any reference to her controversies? In teaching situations, especially history, it's essential to discuss the topic from different angles and come to your own conclusions rather than just give subjective statements as though they were fact. The timing of publication of this book was awkward for the inclusion of Hillary Clinton as she's referred to as a presidential candidate. Overall I felt this book was like an on old-fashioned history text book which didn't do justice to many of the women featured and wouldn't do justice to children reading the book - it felt patronising. 
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