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The perfect pants are hard to find for someone shaped like me. Could Octopants be just the job? Why not dive in and see . . .?
There are all-in-ones for urchins and slipper-socks for eels... but will Octopus ever find a pair of pants to fit? A hilarious rhyming romp, packed with underwater underwear!

Octopants Reviews | Toppsta


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11th August '18
I read it to Beach20 aged 4 aged 4
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
This book is so funny with the tale of an octopus trying to find the perfect pants with an ending twist. The versus rhyme throughout and are giggle for giggle. 
Lovely illustrations which are brightly coloured.
My 1 & 4yr old love this story & it is a new favourite. I’ve already ordered for a gift.
A must buy to add you your collection. Definitely one of the best children’s books released for a while.
7th August '18
RC13 read it themselves aged 5 aged 5
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
My daughter started laughing as soon as she read the title! The book is about an octopus who can't find suitable underwear and how he overcomes the problem. We loved it. The story is rhyming which my daughter really enjoyed, and the pictures are brilliant. She read it over and over, whilst continually spotting new things on each page. A really fun book.
22nd August '18
I read it to GCR13 aged 5 aged 5
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
This was waiting for us when we got back from holiday and was read that night at bedtime. Georgie and I read it together and we both loved it!
It is funny with great illustrations and a good rhyming rhythm.
Georgie loved spotting all of the other animals in the pictures too.
Although Georgie could have read this by herself, I am glad she asked me to as it is such a fun book. 
29th August '18
I read it to Corky aged 8 aged 8 , to Chimp aged 6 aged 6 & to Bradderz aged 5 aged 5
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
When we received the book we was really excited I had all three of my kids attention which don't happen very often lol.
The words was clear and the pictures helped us imagine what it was like to be their 
A lot of fun and humor in the book me and the children laughed a few times definitely recommend 
8th August '18
Ellielebugjnr read it themselves aged 2 aged 2
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
Sophie has sat and ''read' this to herself. It's bright colourful and funny, she sat giggling at the pictures and read it twice in a row. She might let me read it to her tonight. 
23rd August '18
Soopa read it themselves aged 3 aged 3
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
This book really tickled my three-year-old daughter - she found it laugh-out-loud hilarious! The thought of an octopus not being able to find any pants to fit as well as the bright, fun illustrations and the amusing rhyming were all a fantastic combination. The first time we read it, we read it again three times and have contintued to read it daily. A complete hit!
10th August '18
Wilsy read it themselves aged 4 aged 4
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
This book is well written and we loved the storyline about the poor octopus being underpantless! My son found it hilarious and liked the colourful pictures! Perfect amount of text for a pre-schooler! He is now sat retelling the story to himself! 
19th August '18
I read it myself (an adult)
Octopants 9781848699359
5 stars
I’m a big fan of Suzy Senior’s vibrant, giggling-inducing, lighthearted picture book Octopants! Octopants tells the story of young octopus and his quest to find a pair of perfect pants that will fit all eight of his legs! But finding a pair of octopants proves much harder than he thought until he discovers the wonder of the Under-Sea Emporium, a shop that sells all kinds of clothes from bobble hats for barnacles to slipper socks for seals! The octopus realises that he’s been looking for the wrong item of clothing all along so he buys something else instead...

Octopants is a page-turning picture book with its fun, rhyming text and not to mention Claire Powell’s vibrant and lively underwater illustrations. Powell did such a fantastic job of capturing the sea creatures in all their quirky clothes.

The octopus is a very endearing character and you really feel for him over how disheartened he is for not finding a pair of pants but Senior really stresses that no matter if you have eight legs, a tale or a fin you’ll always find something that’s perfect for you. 

I received this wonderful picture book of behalf of @toppsta for an honest review!

Check out my blog, Bluebird Reviews, for more children's book reviews,!
9th August '18
I read it to LA12 aged 5 aged 5
Octopants 9781848699359
4 stars
Leo loved the title of this book and thought the story, about an octopus without any underwear, was really funny. The colourful pictures had lots of detail and really made him laugh. He particularly liked when the octopus tried online shopping and when he realised why he couldn't find any pants. 
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