The Horror of Dunwick Farm
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The Horror of Dunwick Farm


The Horror of Dunwick Farm Reviews | Toppsta

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Animals behaving oddly, people falling suddenly ill – what’s creeping around down at the farm? Crooked Oak’s mystery-solving team return with another spine-tingling adventure.
A mystery is growing at Dunwick Farm and it all started with a plane crash … Crooked Oak's mystery-solving team return with another spine-tingling adventure, perfect for fans of Stranger Things and Crater Lake.
When an unidentified plane crashes in the fields next to Dunwick Farm in Crooked Oak, it quickly becomes clear that it was carrying some unusual cargo.
As people in the town fall suddenly ill and animals start behaving strangely, friends Pete, Krish and Nancy try to find out what was in the glass boxes on board the plane. But as they uncover the facts, the trio realise that they are becoming entangled in a terrifying web …

The Horror of Dunwick Farm Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 3 in the The Crooked Oak Mysteries Series. See all The Crooked Oak Mysteries books here.

First Line

“Rats!” said Mrs Hudson, the Biology teacher. A picture of a black rat appeared on the whiteboard.

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