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Book pages Claude Going for Gold!
Claude Going for Gold!
Noah read it aged 8
This is a really good book. I liked the pictures and the fun characters. Sir Bobblysock is my favourite character because he is really funny. Claude and Sir Bobblysock try to find an adventure to have. Claude is walking in Pawhaven and trips over something and flies into the big orchestra and lands in an instrument. A lady called Ivanna helps him out and shows him around the Stonking Big Sports Day. Then Claude competes in the sports day. I thought the book was very exciting. I really liked it.

Wrote a Review 17th July '18

Book pages What Does An Anteater Eat?
What Does An Anteater Eat?
I read it to Noah aged 8 & to Flynn aged 5
This is a really funny book with some fantastic illustrations. Anteater is hungry but he doesn't know what to eat. He decides to ask the other animals what anteaters eat but struggles to get an answer. Along the bottom of the pages of the book we noticed little clues to help us and anteater. We all really enjoyed this story and the surprise ending made us laugh a lot. A great book!

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