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Here's a book about Paris that's seriously streetwise! Let Marco and Amelia, our Lonely Planet explorers, take you off the tourist trail and guide you on a journey through Paris you'll never forget. This book is perfect for anyone who has been to Paris, plans to go there or is just interested in finding out more about this amazing city! Discover Paris's best-kept secrets, amazing stories and loads of other cool stuff from the comfort of your own home, or while out and about in the city. Find out where you can ride a dodo, how to paint the Eiffel Tower, where Paris keeps its historic underpants and lots more! For ages 8 and up. Contents:

  • Expect the Unexpected
  • In, On and Over The Water
  • Paris by the Nose
  • City Shapes
  • The World's Smoochiest City?
  • Off With Their Heads
  • Up With The Emperor
  • Sporty Paris
  • Paris on a Plate
  • Rumblings Under the Streets
  • Paris, C'est Chic
  • Paris on the Prowl
  • It Happened First in Paris
  • Paris by Paintbrush
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Ghostly, Grim and Grisly
  • Paris Magic
  • Rats, Cats and a Hunchback
  • Paris After Dark
Also available: London City Trails, New York City Trails. About Lonely Planet Kids: From the world's leading travel publisher comes Lonely Planet Kids, a children's imprint that brings the world to life for young explorers everywhere. With a range of beautiful books for children aged 5-12, we're kickstarting the travel bug and showing kids just how amazing our planet can be. From bright and bold sticker activity books, to beautiful gift titles bursting at the seams with amazing facts, we aim to inspire and delight curious kids, showing them the rich diversity of people, places and cultures that surrounds us. We pledge to share our enthusiasm and love of the world, our sense of humour and continual fascination for what it is that makes the world we live in the diverse and magnificent place it is. It's going to be a big adventure - come explore!

City Trails - Paris Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 40 in the Lonely Planet Kids Series. See all Lonely Planet Kids books here.

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30th May '17
JackR read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
I liked this book as it had lots of different things that we can do in Paris.  We are going to France this summer so maybe we can try some of them out.   Each page has an interesting fact on it about the place you are looking at and it makes want to go there.  You don't have to read this book in order, you can just choose a page and see where it says you should go.
2nd April '17
Mckenzie-jack read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
Wow this book was super interesting and was good fun to learn all about paris my son loved it so did i was so much info it was really great to sit read and learn together 
3rd April '17
I read it to Rory aged 9 aged 9 & to Addie aged 7 aged 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
A fantastic funny guide book. The facts were interesting and humorous. I know this book would keep my children entertained when sightseeing in Paris. They have found some places they are excited to visit. I enjoyed the layout of this book, it was fun and kept both kids interested. We would definitely recommend this book and we look forward to finding the other books in the series for other cities we are visiting 
11th April '17
I read it to Noah aged 6 aged 6
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
This book is amazing. It has so much detail about Paris and the french culture. The text is organised into different routes around Paris. There is for example a food trail called 'Paris on a plate' and Marco and Amelia are your tour guides. Within the trails there are fantastic facts, figures and details as well as some fun cartoon style illustrations. The book goes into great detail on anything and everything. There is a section on 'Le Pouce' the famous Thumb Sculpture as well as 'Pont Neuf' which literally translates as new bridge but is now the oldest standing bridge in Paris. We learned so much by reading this book and we loved the light hearted nature of the text. This Lonely Planet Kids guide is a great way for young readers to learn so much more about different places and cultures. We loved the Paris book and would definitely like to explore other cities.
11th April '17
dannylee read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
Fantastic to read about all the different places to visit. Lovely illustrations and interesting facts. 
31st March '17
I read it to Suzanne aged 7 aged 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
What a beautiful and informative book! If you travel to Paris with your child it is a must. All recommendations were spot on! We've learnt a lot of new facts, stories and secrets about this amazing city. There are excellent colour photos breaking up the text columns. The text is suitable for 7+ children. I loved history facts and all new places I've learnd about. My daughter really loved Buble Crowns or Parc Monceau. She's now really desperate to see everything she found in this book! She's carring this book everywhere and read it!

As you would expect, the Lonely Planet Kids publications are beautifully produced in full colour and on good quality paper. The book is in great size. It's really useful and will fit into your child's bag easily.
I would highly recommend it! We plan to travel to Rome so it's going to be our next guide to buy (it will be published in Oct but we already can't wait:))
12th June '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to Josh aged 9 aged 9 , to Sam aged 7 aged 7 & to Matthew aged 4 aged 4
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
This book is jam packed with information all about Paris. The information is clear and easily accessible for young readers and the tour guides Marco and Amelia lead the children on a journey through 19 different tours of Paris. My children loved the rumblings under the street tour and were grossed out by Paris the smoochiest city!
26th April '17
I read it to 2R aged 6 to 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
A beautifully colourful and interesting fact file all about Paris. It linked perfectly to our discovery of different places around the world and it was particularly useful for the facts about the Eiffel Tower. It is an easy to use Non-Fiction text with all of the non-fiction features that we've been focusing on when learning about different text-types, such as; labels, pictures, captions, heading, sub-headings and contents page etc. The children found it easy to locate information and the information that they did find was interesting and exciting, written in an easy to understand language suitable for most readers. Each page is jam packed with facts and fascinating information about a range of topics including; food, fashion, culture and many more all presented in a colourful and intriguing way to engage the reader. All photographs are of a high-resolution and it boasts some well-drawn and quirky animated sketches too. It is an ideal introduction to using a non-fiction text to research and use as a reference book but equally a great book to share as a class book, which is what we did.

We'd recently used Paris as a place to do research for regarding it underground tunnels and structures and the children were shocked at how much information was packed into this tiny book - more than most of them discovered when scouring the internet! It includes many landmark names and tourist attraction sites that the children have visited or heard of and they enjoyed asking questions to further their understanding of them.
Their thoughts are as follows:
AD aged 7: "This book was so good, I didn't know it would have so much information in it. It was all interesting information too. I love the pages and the way the drawings are done. This is a great book for learning about Paris, I loved it."
KB aged 7: "This book was really good. I used to live in Paris and I remember lots of the places but I didn't know everything about them like I do now. I would tell my cousin and my dad to read this book because they love Paris too."
H aged 7: "I saw lots of places that I went to visit when I was in Paris. I like the pictures because they are so colourful and I like that it is like a game."
GO aged 6: "This book was really interesting. I loved how it was two children who were going on a journey around Paris. I would like to read a lot of the other books about different places in the world because this book has taught me a lot and I like learning about different places. I loved the facts about the Eiffel Tower."
TD aged 6: "This was a really good book because I love Paris and I love exploring too and this book let me explore Paris when I was listening to my teacher read it at school. I really liked finding out about lots of different things in Paris and I would definitely tell my friends to read this too."
KC aged 7: "I really liked this book because I learnt a lot about Paris and I've never been there so I was really excited to read this. It told me lots of information that made me think wow because it was so interesting. I will tell my family about this book because there were lots of facts that they would like too. I liked using the index page because it helped me to find words in the book. I liked learning about the different artists because I love Art and the museum sounds like it would be good."
IS aged 7: "This book is like one of those books you get when you visit different places in the world. A book that tells you lots of information about that place. It was fun because I didn't know lots of things about Paris but I do now."
17th April '17
MollyB read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
A fun, informative guide to Paris perfect for children. It was packed full of interesting facts and the 19 themed trails are great for inspiration to explore Paris with the family. It's a must-have guide for a trip to Paris and I highly recommend it.
9th April '17
Bee read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
This book is full of interesting facts about Paris's famous people and what they did to become famous, and lots of other interesting information. I loved it.
2nd April '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to Rhys aged 11 aged 11 , to Paige Donnelly aged 7 aged 7 , to Michael aged 12 aged 12 & to Rosie aged 9 aged 9
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
5 stars
This is a wonderful book to use both before and whilst on a visit to Paris.  The pages are a perfect combination of history, drawings and photographs.  I love the 19 different themed trails.  I have never thought of doing trails by themes before, a great way to do some re-exploring.  The trails have some very child appealing names, for example cops and robbers, Paris by the nose and rumblings under the street.  I have visited Paris many times, and this book includes the major sights, but also links in some less well known, so great for new and return visits. 
We gave the children - aged 7 - 12 the choice of a trail each, which they all thoroughly enjoyed being in charge of. 
From an adult point of view, I would have loved an extra page of each trail that showed the trail on a street map, and possibly gave an indication of how much time that walking parts, between landmarks would take.  For those who don't know the city, this would greatly help in the planning, this however doesn't detract from it being a great book that I would highly recommend. 
22nd August '17
I read it to Playmobil boy aged 11 aged 11 & to Caden's chum aged 7 aged 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
4 stars
We quite enjoyed reading this book together, it came in handy whilst working on a project together. My eldest was able to read it for himself and enjoyed learning about Parisan culture and all the places we could visit together.

Some of the text was a little bit hard to read as it had a darker background colour in places but we managed - my child is visually impaired too - when we worked together.
30th March '17
I read it to rsa aged 7 aged 7
City Trails - Paris 9781760342234
4 stars
This is a fascinating book, with lots of surprising bits of information. It is somewhat different from what I expected. I thought it would be more of a tour of Paris with emphasis on the locations. The actual 'trail' and locations are rather overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information and images within the book. However, my son enjoyed looking at it with me and I found it is as interesting and revealing as he did. He was struck in particular by the unusual animal carousel in the Jardin Des Plantes and the platform (submarine like) for line 11 in the Arts et Metiers metro station. It is a great book, one that I would definitely recommend.
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