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Children's Dictionary: Illustrated Dictionary for Ages 7+


Children's Dictionary: Illustrated Dictionary for Ages 7+ Reviews | Toppsta

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The home of trusted English dictionaries and thesauruses for school use.
For children aged 7 and over, this dictionary contains up to date coverage of a range of everyday and curriculum vocabulary.
It offers additional language tips and carefully selected and annotated illustrations to help students with more complex language. The Word Wizard section provides in-depth support on spelling, punctuation and grammar.
This book is designed to build confidence and develop language and dictionary skills at home and in the classroom in preparation for secondary school.
Includes a wide range of the latest vocabulary from different subject areas with example sentences and tips on grammar and spelling to help students understand how to use language more effectively. Synonyms and antonyms are provided to help build vocabulary.
Beautiful annotated illustrations add an extra dimension and provide additional information on a range of topic areas.

Children's Dictionary: Illustrated Dictionary for Ages 7+ Reviews | Toppsta


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