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Ant might seem to have an odd attraction to insects, and it's weird that he doesn't know anything about footie, but these aren't the strangest things about him by a long way.

What really sets him apart is what's hiding behind the ginormous sunglasses that he refuses to ever take off.

When his science teacher catches a glimpse behind the oversized green lenses, Ant is in grave danger. Can his friends Zac and Tulisa, along with an army of tiny helpers, save the day?

Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

Anty Hero Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781781128367
  • Pub Date: 23rd August 2018
  • Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd
  • Imprint: Barrington Stoke Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 80

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First Line

"Zac was kneeling on the grass in the school garden. He had a pile of seeds cupped in his hands and the class weirdo squatting beside him."

Toppsta Comment

With just 80 pages, full page black and white illustrations, nicely spaced out text and lines, printed on tinted pages, this is another brilliant 'super readable' book from specialist publisher Barrington Stoke with an uplifting message about how heroes come in all shapes and disguises!

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10th September '18
I read it to Batman aged 8 aged 8
Anty Hero 9781781128367
5 stars
A fantastic story that Levi really enjoyed. He loved how the bugs were so friendly, this helped him see that bugs are not that scary. Levi loved it when Ant’s glasses fell off !! 
This story has a lovely deeper meaningful message about friends. 
11th September '18
I read it to Noah aged 8 aged 8
Anty Hero 9781781128367
5 stars
This is a fun and interesting book about a very different type of Hero - an Anty Hero. Ant is the new kid at school and the class weirdo. He looks different and acts different. He even has different friends, namely insect friends who like to crawl near him or even on him. Zac and Tulisa are also friends with Ant but even they find him weird. Ant is definitely different and Zac and Tulisa are about to find out just how different he really is. This is a very interesting story about friendship and about fitting in and standing out. The book itself is created in a dyslexia friendly format which is fantastic. It has tinted pages and thicker paper which can help reduce visual stress. It is also written in a specific font with special spacing to help minimise confusion. We really enjoyed the story and liked the cool black and white illustrations.
13th September '18
Li read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Anty Hero 9781781128367
5 stars
Li really took to this book - Ant is a a fly/insect boy trying to hide his real identity from Normal people and his normal friends - who have already realised he is far from it! Ant is a bit of a social outcast, and struggles to fit in.  this book is fun with a good story and a good moral - that you dont have to fit in to be accepted -just be yourself. Li found this reasonably easy to read at age 7 - struggled with a few of the bigger words but overall it was good. a fun book to read. 
10th September '18
rsa read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Anty Hero 9781781128367
4 stars
Just received this in the post today. I was particularly struck by the paper more than anything. It has almost a yellowish tinge to it. I was surprised to learn that the book has been printed with not only a dyslexia friendly layout and typeface but also a dylexia friendly 'paperstock'. Having had a quick flick through, it is a bit of a bizarre story, but with the traditional added feature of an evil teacher. Not sure about all the creepy crawlies (especially the cockroach) but my son is sure to like that aspect. It is a simple, relatively short read, clear set out, with extra space between paragraphs, sentences are more straightforward than the average book for an eight year old. Yet it still has an engaging plot with an unusual hero.

My son: It is quite good. A bit weird. I liked the picture on the front of the book. It is quite easy to read. The best part was at the end when Mr Dawkin is totally covered with bugs. 
17th September '18
Yzabelle read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Anty Hero 9781781128367
4 stars
this is a fun book about a boy named Ant who is something between human and a bug and his friends.  Ant gets in trouble and its up to his friends to help him out. It is a great book, with some super illustrations. I really enjoyed reading this
11th September '18
Four Lanes Junior School read it themselves aged 7 to 11
Anty Hero 9781781128367
4 stars
There’s something strange about the new boy at school and it’s not just the huge green sunglasses he wears. Zac was the weird kid in his class until Ant arrived. Ant has a secret, but when it is discovered he is no longer safe at school and it’s up to his friends - Zac, Tulisa and an army of bugs to help. 

With its familiar school setting, together with a good level of humour & action, this book will appeal to the reluctant reader. While the plot is slightly predictable, it is a lot of fun and Percival’s illustrations are fabulous. A very strong female character (Tulisa) means this book will help this appeal to girls too. 

Shared with yr3 & yr4 Book Club and it was enjoyed by all, we also created our own bug/human characters. So not only a great story but great inspiration for creative activities. 
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