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Was read to me 21st April '18

101 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children
Author: Fiona Bird
We all enjoyed looking at this together. Micah has read it by himself top, but when we first got it we all looked at it together. We went through the whole book. Some of the activities we had already done, and the children picked activities they would like to do. I also pointed out things in the book that I had done as a child. We have already done some of the activities from the book such as tree rubbing, daisy chains, etc but we are waiting for the weather to get better, then we can do a lot more. There were different activities to suit everyone, and for all ages, things both my 4yr old and 8yr old can do. There were things we wouldn't have thought of doing, and my children love doing things outdoors so they were really interested in it. There were plenty of things you could do in the garden as well. I think this book is fab, a big thumbs up from the whole family.

I read this book 20th March '18

There's a Dragon in my Stocking!
Author: Tom Nicoll Illustrator: Sarah Horne
I have read a pan dragon book before, which I dod enjoy. I enjoyed this one just as much. It was a nice book to read in the run up to christmas. It was easy for me to read independently, had nice illustrations to go along with the story. The chapters were the perfect length. It was a fun, funny book, with plenty of adventure

I read this book 14th March '18

Flying Fergus 7: The Wreck-It Race: by Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy, written with award-winning author Joanna Nadin
Author: Chris Hoy Illustrator: Clare Elsom
I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read, and had a good mix of funny bits and serious bits, but not top serious. This book would appeal to both girls and boys, it has boys and girls characters. It helped you learn about friendship and teamwork, and also that not all children are the same physically. 

I read this book 6th March '18

City Trails - Rome
Author: Lonely Planet Kids
Micah was doing Romans as a topic at school, so it was great to win this book. He really enjoyed it. He loves his information books. He said it was very interesting and there was lots of fun facts he learnt, which he could use at school in his work about the Romans and Rome. He even took it into school to share with his class mates. He loved the fun facts, and the illustrations, and now wants to visit Rome.

I read this book 21st January '18

World War II Visual Encyclopedia
Author: DK
My son got this book from school. He chose this book as he enjoys his information books and he had never read any books about the war before. He learnt a lot of new facts, but he said he did find it boring. He did enjoy reading about the weapons and vehicles, but found the information about the leaders not as interesting. There is a contents page, so you can skip to bits that appeal to you more.