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Was read to me 18th January '19

All In One Piece
Author: Jill Murphy Illustrator: Jill Murphy
We have peace at last, which is one of our favourites, so we knew we would enjoy this story featuring the large family. My 5yr old loves looking at the detailed illustrations, seeing what they are doing on each page. Its a great story about families and its relatable for the children and adults. We liked the ending, we thought it was funny with the paint. My daughter liked the bit where baby was putting Mrs Larges make up on. Its a nice story to share, enjoyable to read, and just the right length.

I read this book 6th January '19

The Woeful Second World War
Author: Terry Deary Illustrator: Martin Brown
I have read a few other horrible histories, which are funny and interesting. I found this one not as enjoyable as others I have read, that is because of the subject matter of the book (war). I did read some interesting, silly facts which were funny, but the majority of the book was quite boring for me. May appeal more to children who enjoy reading about wars.

Was read to me 3rd January '19

The Children Who Loved Books
Author: Peter Carnavas Illustrator: Peter Carnavas
We all love this book, as its a story about how great books are. Its such a lovely story about a family that don't have a lot, but they do have lots of books. They run out of room so they get rid of all the books, and things just aren't the same. They end up getting books from a library, and it makes things all better again. Lovely illustrations

I read this book 3rd January '19

Guinness World Records 2019
Author: Guinness World Records
I have a,few of these from previous years, and I always enjoy reading them. There is so much to read, and such a variety of areas which is interesting. I learn some fascinating facts from these books. The section of the book that focused on space, planets etc was very interesting. I also enjoyed reading about the fun records, such as the biggest water pistol, hamburger and yoyo. At the back of the book it tells you how the be a record breaker, and also has pages where it shows/tells you how to make things at home. This is such a fun, interesting book, that you can go back to time and time again

I read this book 3rd January '19

Adventures in Space
Author: Simon Tyler
I was excited to read this, as space is my favourite subject. There was a lot of information in the book, which was great.  I did use the contents page to skip to areas they I wanted to read about first. My favourite areas are read about in the book were, science in space and future space travel. I think it would have been better to have actual pictures of things in the book, rather than diagrams.