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Jake's class finally has the best teacher in the whole world, Mr Hyde. He doesn't make them clean toilet bowls with toothbrushes and his lessons are always fun. There is just one teeny, tiny, HUGE problem. Mr Hyde transforms into a naughty, little creature whenever he becomes upset. The creature has some amazing abilities but being well-behaved isn't one of them! Jake's class will have to use all their ingenuity to hide the creature, so they can keep their brilliant
teacher. But Mrs Blunt, their headmistress, is never far off the scent . . .

Creature Teacher Reviews | Toppsta


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7th June '15
I read it myself (an adult)
Creature Teacher 9780192742650
5 stars
This book is amazing! The storyline was really good, the characters were believable - I can't wait for the next book! My son loved the illustrations. The school reports at the back was a great idea - very good book
17th July '15
I read it to finlay06 aged 6 aged 6
Creature Teacher 9780192742650
5 stars
Awesome!  Cool!  Extremely funny!  Surprising!  This is the best book EVER!  My mum read this to me on holiday and I didn't want her to stop!  The book is about a brilliant, cool teacher who, when he gets angry, turns into a creature!!!! The class like the teacher so much that it is their job to hide him from the awful head teacher, Mrs Blunt, so that she never finds out he turns into a creature.  In this book you read about the adventures of a group of friends as they try to keep creature teacher's secret.    If you like adventure stories with lots of extra burping and farting in them and you don't like goody two-shoes then you will love this book!  We have already ordered the second book and I can't wait to read it!    P.S. The funniest bit is on page 122  
13th July '15
MicahW read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
Creature Teacher 9780192742650
5 stars
This is a really fun and entertaining book, about jakes teacher mr Hyde who is the best teacher in the whole world. But he has a secret, when he becomes upset he transforms into a small creature. He has some amazing abilities as a creature, but he's not well behaved, and the class have to come up with ways to hide the creature from the head-teacher. Chapters are short, the book is easy to follow, and the characters are engaging. The illustrations were good, I especially loved the illustrations of mr Hyde when he is a creature. I liked that there were random pictures of the creature at the start of every chapter, which I looked forward to seeing what he would be doing on the picture. I really enjoyed the story, and jake and my Hyde were the 2 most likeable characters. This book will appeal to both boys and girls my age and slightly older, and it reminded me of a Roald Dahl book, so anyone that likes those will love this book.
8th September '15
edwardpeacock read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
Creature Teacher 9780192742650
4 stars
The book was funny.  I liked the teacher because he turned into a creature when he was angry and he did funny things.  The book didn't make me laugh out loud, but I enjoyed it.
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