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Something's out of control in the classroom!
Jake and his class are going to the opening of Wilf's Wild Adventure Theme Park. Things get a bit too wild, though, when Jake's teacher - Mr Hyde - ends up turning into Creature and causing chaos! Jake and his friends will have to find Creature and get him to turn back into Mr Hyde before the truth about their teacher gets out. It's going to be a rollercoaster of an adventure!

Creature Teacher Goes Wild Reviews | Toppsta


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1st June '16
I read it to finlay06 aged 7 aged 7
Creature Teacher Goes Wild 9780192742674
5 stars
Finlay was very excited about reading this second book in the series of Creature Teacher.  All the usual characters are back including the awful headmistress Mrs Blunt and her goodie-two-shoes niece Amelia Trotterhogg!  In this book the class go on a trip to a theme park.  Oh no!!!! Mr Hyde turns into creature!  What a disaster!  Can his loyal students keep Mrs Blunt from finding out his secret?
All I can say is be prepared for having a sore tummy when you read this book!  You will laugh your heart out!  I am reading the third book totally by myself just now!! I can't wait for the fourth book to come out.
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Sam Watkins is a freelance writer and editor, who was formerly a publisher at a small educational publishing company in Cambridge. She is author of Nick Knight (Race Ahead with Reading) and the Creature Teacher series with OUP. She currently lives in Worthing with her son, Owen....

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Tom Nicoll lives near Edinburgh with his wife and daughter. He is the author of the successful THERE'S A DRAGON IN MY... young fiction series, published by Stripes. Visit | @TGNicoll David O'Connell cannot sing, play a musical instrument or dance, so would never...

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