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The Battle of the Blighty Bling


The Battle of the Blighty Bling Reviews | Toppsta

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Vic and her younger brother and sister Bert and Maud have been left alone at home, which means they will surely get into mischief. But not just any ordinary kind of mischief, because Vic and her family are PIRATES.

The only problem is, Dad sunk the family pirate ship and now the family is stuck in a caravan by the sea. So when the kids accidentally lose the family pirate treasure, the legendary Blighty Bling, it's up to them to take to the high seas in a leaky rowing boat and get it back, with their annoying know-it-all neighbours in tow.

But their swashbuckling adventure runs into a few problems when they meet their pirate enemy, Captain Guillemot, and Vic discovers a few home truths along the way...

The Battle of the Blighty Bling Reviews | Toppsta


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14th August '18
I read it to seany aged 9 aged 9
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
Fantastic book of your kids love pirates!!!
17th September '18
I read it to RC13 aged 5 aged 5
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
My daughter really enjoyed this book- the story is very entertaining and the illustrations are fun. It us a great book for a newly confident reader to share with a grown up.
24th October '18
I read it to 2R aged 6 to 7
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
A fantastic story about a mission to save the McScurvy traditions. A pirate family have recently become more like landlubbers than the children in the family would like, going to work in their 'ordinary jobs' like stacking shelves in a supermarket and living on land instead of out on the open ocean. So one day when the children are left to fend for themselves one, with nothing but their prized pet parrot Pedro to keep them in check they quickly find themselves in hot water. Vic, Bert and Maud quickly become bored and try and find something fun to do that they wouldn't usually be able to do if their parents were home, but when toddler Maud goes missing Vic and Bert are beside themselves with worry and quickly make it their mission to find her and bring her back to safety. Along the way they find two ordinary children of similar ages dressed as pirates and together they make a bid to find their little sister. Will they be able to find their sister again and will they be able to reach her out at sea in the middle of nowhere, with no knowledge of maps and navigation and a potential arch-enemy in their wake? And will they be able to do it all and be back in time for when mom and dad return from work? Full of humour about bottoms, farts and silly faces this book is perfect for children aged 6-11. I read it to my year 2 class and they’ve absorbed it all so eagerly I was amazed at how much they’d invested their own interest in it but extremely glad they did. It is a treasure and definitely worth having in the collection. Since teaching a topic called Land Ahoy, all about pirates I’ve built up quite a collection but this is easily my favourite. The attention to detail was perfect and an excellent example from a teaching point of view when learning about description, the introduction of Captain Guillemot was fantastic and although there are pictures they aren’t in colour so the language is even more valuable, it definitely added to the experience. I love the suspense and cliff hangers at the end of each chapter, the children would always shout “Noooo!” when it was time to end a chapter because they were extremely excited for what was to come. At the end of the book they all erupted into applause and I have never had that before so it was a beautiful moment to witness.
The children also wanted to add their own opinions:
AT aged 6: “I liked the book because it made me laugh because of what Maud hid in her nappy. I also liked it when Maud was rowing a boat and they tried to catch her but she shouted Go away poopoo bums. It was very funny.”
IS aged 6: “I liked it when Captain Guillemot went mad when they took their sister.”
TM aged 7: “I liked the bit where Vic and Bert were begging Arabella for a ride on their boat because they were calling themselves names and it was funny.”
BA aged 6: “I liked it when Maud was posing wearing Captain Guillemot’s waistcoat because it was really funny. I could imagine her doing it.”
AS aged 6: “I liked it when Guillemot fell in the water because it made me laugh.”
A-MA aged 6: “My favourite bit was when Vic said smell the candy because it made me hungry.”
RW aged 6: “I liked it when they were thinking about what they should do to Captain Guillemot.”
SA aged 6: “I liked it because I was excited for what would happen next.”
MSA aged 6: “My favourite character was Maud because she was funny and did silly stuff.”
One child favoured Captain Guillemot while five children thought Maud was the best. Vic was the favourite character of three children and Bert was favoured by one of the children and one of the children also liked Arabella.
28th July '18
I read it to Ama123 aged 8 aged 8
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
'The Battle of the Blighty Bling' is a rip-roaring, fantastic book. Perfect for fans of Mr Gum, and Spangles McNasty books. The wacky illustrations by Eric Heyman are so brill
The McScurvys are a family of pirates like no other you've heard or read of. They get seasick, now live in a caravan, the kids go to school and their parents work in a supermarket (where they pinch yummy food for their piratey feasts).
Sister and brother, Vic and Bert are trying to impress their younger sister Maud and so play pirates with their family's priceless treasure, The Blighty Bling. BUT when their swords are stolen their whole adventure or misadventure starts. We whizzed through this funny read in no time at all.
25th August '18
I read it to Lucia B. aged 8 aged 8 & to Elijah B. aged 5 aged 5
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
Loved this cleverly written & illustrated book about the adventures of a family of down-on-their-luck naughty pirate children. Lucia & Elijah laughed out loud.
8th October '18
CassidyDenness read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
5 stars
The book was really funny, Maud was the funniest character in the book, I laughed when the Captain was counting and she was pulling funny faces. This was a really good adventure story.  There are big and small illustrations and they are really good.  This book made me laugh out loud a lot of times.

Thankyou to Toppsta for doing this as a giveaway.
26th October '18
LozzaW read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
4 stars
Lawrence really enjoyed to story.
He said he could imagine the characters well from their descriptions, and could imagine other adventures and scrapes they might get into.
He didn't take too ling to read the book, which helped as he often gets bored reading.
a big thumbs up here!
5th October '18
MicahW read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
4 stars
I've never really been a big pirate fan, but this book was enjoyable. Easy to read independently, didn't take me long to finish, as it was an easy read. I really liked the illustrations, and the book was funny
17th August '18
I read it to Ragdollkhanbaby aged 6 aged 6
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
4 stars
Well we have a pirate fan in our house and this book is fantastic!  Great illustrations, funny storyline he loved it.  Nice text size so good for those in early stages of reading for themselves interjected with drawings to spice things up.  Highly recommended.
23rd August '18
Leonjames read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
4 stars
I couldn't put this book down its was an exciting read. If you love pirates and adventure you will love this. This story is about no ordinary pirates. Best books iv read for ages definitely recommening it to all my friends 
13th August '18
I read it to Catriona library aged 3 to 11
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
3 stars
The story had the kids in stitches but there were subtle word plays to entertain the adults too.  We very much enjoyed the illustrations that hark back to the days of Roald Dahl.  The layout is great, with words that are fun to say or are expressive or being shouted being printed in large, decorative letters.  That made it brilliant for group work.  I can see this being asked for again and again.
17th November '18
I read it myself (an adult)
The Battle of the Blighty Bling 9781783446926
3 stars
A quick, fun read which will suit children who love fast-paced, madcap humour in the same vein as Spangles McNasty and King Flashypants.
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