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Was read to me 9th February '19

Peppa Pig: Colours
Simple book. I looked at it with my baby, but would be great for toddlers who are learning their colours. Each page is a different colour, with different items on that colour. The bright colours were eye catching to my son. Great size book for small hands.

Was read to me 9th February '19

In the Night Garden: Goodnight Igglepiggle
Author: In the Night Garden
This makes for a good bedtime story. It was a little long for my son who is still young, so he got distracted, would be better for toddlers. Doesn't matter whether they know the characters or not. Lovely bright, eye catching illustrations

I read this book 9th February '19

Find Spot at the Museum
Author: Eric Hill Illustrator: Eric Hill
Love spot books. Book is a great size for my son to hold it himself, as he likes to do. A great book for young ones. My son liked lifting the flips, but had to be careful he didn't rip them off, as he is only young. Short book,but perfect length for little ones. Bright, colourful illustrations which appealed to my son

Was read to me 6th February '19

First Baby Days: Bath Time: A book that changes colour in water
Author: Pat-a-Cake Illustrator: Mojca Dolinar
Love this bathbook. It was perfect for my 7month old, as it combined 2 things he loves; baths and books. Its a perfect size for little hands, which was great, as my son likes to hold the books himself. He has another bathbook, but this one is definitely the best, because of the colour change feature. The pages are black and white, and when the book goes into the water, all the colours come out. It is so cool. My son enjoyed holding it in the bath and looking at the pages. There aren't many words on each page, but that's all that's needed for a bath book. When my son is a little older, I know he will love the book even more 

Was read to me 1st February '19

That's not my puppy...
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
I love this series of books, we always borrow them from the library. Loved how the front cover had a bit the child can feel as well. Short and sweet book, with colourful pages, with different textures for the child to feel on each page. My 7month old could hold the book himself. My 5yr old enjoys reading it to her little brother as well.