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Let's Look & See: Animals Reviews | Toppsta

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This soft-to-the-touch board book encourages small children to learn and talk about wild animals. Youngsters love looking at pictures of animals, and they will find an entire zoo of them in here - everything from a fearsome crocodile to the cutest panda cub. A huge variety of creatures is shown, from an enormous elephant to a beautiful little butterfly; from tough-looking rhinos to delicate, bright green frogs; from a playful dolphin to a roaring lion; and from the familiar eagle to an exotic spiny lizard. The book's strong, dramatic pictures, and informative and entertaining point-and-say style encourage word skills and recognition. It is specially designed for youngsters and adults to enjoy together, with a wipe-clean cover and sturdy board pages. Visually interesting, enjoyable to use and built to last, this is a wonderful introduction to the worlds of words and wildlife. Experts agree that preschool children respond more immediately to photographs than to illustrations. This book is visually appealing, designed for kids to enjoy and to learn from. Here they will find a tall giraffe and a tiny tropical fish.
Some pages are grouped by environment, showing the aquatic penguin and dolphin. Others are linked by type, such as the marsupial koala and kangaroo from Australia. Meanwhile, grown-ups can point to and repeat the simple captions. Explore the diversity of nature with this special padded boardbook.

Let's Look & See: Animals Reviews | Toppsta


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