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I read this book 17th March '19

Rapid Stage 5 Set B: Tomb Trouble (Series 1)
Author: Haydn Middleton
Information book, about how Ancient Egyptians turned bodies into mummies and put in tombs. Would be great for anyone that was doing about this subject and needed more information. My daughter didn't like reading about how they prepared the inside of the body, and she found some of the pictures of the mummies a bit freaky. Bit more suited to an older child than 5. 

I read this book 16th March '19

Rigby Star Quest Gold: Caring For Our World Pupil Book (Single)
My daughter had this as her reading book. It talked about things like the environment, pollution etc. There were some very hard words in the book she needed some help with, and some things I had to explain the meaning to her.

Was read to me 3rd March '19

Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum
Authors: Lonely Planet , Jenny Jacoby Illustrator: Mike Love
We were very pleased to.won this book, as one of my daughter's topics at school currently is dinosaurs, and she even took the book in to show her class.My daughter has started enjoying her information books, and the fact that this one was interactive, was even better. My daughter loved building the dinosaur museum, fossils and dinosaurs. My daughter learnt lots of new things, and it was great as it helped with my daughter's learning at school

Was read to me 3rd March '19

The Mega Magic Hair Swap!: The debut book from TV personality, Rochelle Humes
Author: Rochelle Humes Illustrator: Rachel Suzanne
I was really looking forward to reading this book with my daughter. I had seen the book promoted on this morning, and it sounded great, and Rochelle Humes is a great role model for girls. I especially was excited to share it with mt daughter, as it is a very relatable story. I have a mixed race daughter with beautiful curly hair. When her hair is wet in the bath it is very long, down to her bum, but when its dry this isn't the case. So she is always moaning about wanting her hair long, like most of her friends. We are always saying her hair is amazing. This story had a great message, as the girls swap hair and realise they prefer their own hair. I love that it tells little girls, be you, your hair is special and what makes you you. I have never come across a book like this before. The illustrations were great, and my daughter could read it on her own too. It is a fab book to read but even better if you had a little girl that wasn't happy with how her hair is. I think Rochelle should do another one, but for boys

Was read to me 3rd March '19

Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches: World Book Day 2019
Author: Sibeal Pounder Illustrators: Jason Cockcroft , Laura Ellen Anderson
My daughter enjoyed this book, and she loved it was about witches and mermaids. She liked the bit at the beginning where it showed the characters, their names and what they liked doing. This was helpful, as she hadn't read any of the books before. It was a fun book to read about friendship