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I read this book 21st January '19

Amazing Animals: Tigers
Author: Sally Morgan
My daughter loves fact books, so she really enjoyed reading this book. She learnt lots of new facts and enjoyed the illustrations. my daughter could read it independently no problem

Was read to me 20th January '19

A Kiss Like This
Author: Mary Murphy Illustrator: Mary Murphy
This is a lovely book to share with your children. We like to read it at bedtimes. 
It has different animals on each page, and it says how they kiss, like a fish has bubbly kisses. Great book for all ages, and could get younger ones to say what they animals are. Love the ending, as it says just one kiss is missing, which is yours (who you are reading the book to), so I will then give the children kisses. A lovely, sweet book.

Was read to me 18th January '19

All In One Piece
Author: Jill Murphy Illustrator: Jill Murphy
We have peace at last, which is one of our favourites, so we knew we would enjoy this story featuring the large family. My 5yr old loves looking at the detailed illustrations, seeing what they are doing on each page. Its a great story about families and its relatable for the children and adults. We liked the ending, we thought it was funny with the paint. My daughter liked the bit where baby was putting Mrs Larges make up on. Its a nice story to share, enjoyable to read, and just the right length.

Was read to me 15th January '19

Fabulous Fairy Feast
Author: Sue Heap Illustrator: Sue Heap
My daughter likes fairies, so she was looking forward to hearing this story. My daughter liked the character Lizzy the little fairy. She said she reminded her of little red riding hood, as she had dark hair and a red dress. She was a very likeable character. My daughter liked the magic in the story, such as Lizzie riding her bike in the sky. My daughter also enjoyed the ending, where she gave everyone a wish, and they all ended up with the same thing.

I read this book 13th January '19

Rigby Star Guided Purple Level: The Elves and the Shoemaker
My daughter was given this book from school, as her reading book. She could read it independently without any problem, there were no words she struggled with. She knows this story, so she knew what was going to happen. She liked the illustrations, as she enjoyed seeing what the elves looked like