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There's a Dragon in my Stocking!


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Small dragon ... BIG trouble!

Eric and Pan are thrilled to hear something coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve. But their festive visitor isn't quite who they were expecting...Pan's parents are in town for the holidays!

With a full house - including, to Eric's dismay, the Blooms - Eric has a tough time of keeping Pan's parents away from his own family.

Then disaster strikes, leaving them all without Christmas dinner! Can the Mini-Dragons step in to save the day?

Perfect for fans of Jeremy Strong and Compton Valance, with hilarious illustrations from Sarah Horne, illustrator of Sam Copeland's CHARLIE CHANGES INTO A CHICKEN .

There's a Dragon in my Stocking! Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 6 in the There's a Dragon in... Series. See all There's a Dragon in... books here.

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20th March '18
MicahW read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
I have read a pan dragon book before, which I dod enjoy. I enjoyed this one just as much. It was a nice book to read in the run up to christmas. It was easy for me to read independently, had nice illustrations to go along with the story. The chapters were the perfect length. It was a fun, funny book, with plenty of adventure
28th November '17
I read it myself (an adult)
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
This was a great book to read. Especially in the run up to Christmas and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed reading this myself.
3rd November '17
I read it to OMagill aged 6 aged 6
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
My son really enjoyed the storyline of this book, he's quite into dragons and dinosaurs so linked with the Christmas theme this was ideal for him. It's a fun story with great characters. However I did feel that this book is better suited for older children. My son who is 6 read a couple of pages but I then carried on with the reading. In all though it's a great Christmas read, that we will definitely get out again. 
12th November '17
Rpk read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
This book is so funny. The dragon pan is a bit cheeky and makes me laugh. I liked the story line especially because it was Christmas time. The book has shortish chapters so I could read one or two every night and still remember what has happened when I read the next chapter. There's some drawings in the book that helped me to imagine what the characters look like. I am glad they got to eat their Christmas dinner. I think my friends would think this is funny 
6th November '17
I read it to tomray aged 6 aged 6
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
Pan the dragon is a very cheeky little dragon which my son loved. The story is split into chapters which are the perfect length for bedtime. The illustrations are nice too which helped to bring the story alive. We will definitely read more books in this series now.  
22nd November '17
I read it to FreyaJ aged 4 aged 4
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
5 stars
Both myself and my granddaughter enjoyed this funny and well written story about a boy called Eric who looks after a mini dragon.  The text is well spaced and the line drawing add to the understanding of the story.  As one of a series of books I think I will have to purchase some more of the range however I do think that while I expected to have to read this book to a 4 year old, it is probably more suited to independent reading for a child who is at least 6 or 7.  In this book this little dragon who lives with Eric has an unexpected visit from his dragon parents who arrive down the chimney just before Christmas.  Will Eric be able to stop the grown ups in the house from finding out about Pan and his parents?    Exactly the sort of situational humour that appeals to younger children.
6th January '18
I read it myself (an adult)
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
4 stars
So on Christmas Eve the expectations are high that somebody will be coming down your chimney laden with lots of treats, what you don’t usually expect to find is a pair of dragons! That’s exactly what happens to Eric and Pan when they hear voices inside their chimney and out pops Pan’s Mum and Dad. It’s difficult enough to keep one mini-dragon hidden how ever will Eric manage to keep three whole mini-dragons secret. But it turns out that they’re not the only unexpected visitors and soon their house is fit to burst with even less hiding room for a family of dragons. There are plenty of laughs in this chaotic, crazy adventure which are brilliantly captured in Sarah Horne’s lively and energetic illustrations. Why not open your doors and welcome a dragon into your home for Christmas but warning they’ll probably melt your snowballs, flame-blast your turkey and get you struck off Santa’s Nice List.
5th November '17
I read it to emily1207 aged 6 aged 6
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
4 stars
Lovely story - we have read s couple of the other books so we knew what to expect. My daughter enjoyed the plot and revisiting the characters. Lovely to read with humour along the way.
30th December '17
I read it to 1breakdancer aged 7 aged 7
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
4 stars
We found this a really fun read! Took us a little while to get into it as we've not read any of the books in this series before and there seemed to be a lot of names to remember at first...however, once we got going it was fine. My six year old found the sentence construction quite tricky, especially the conversations, so I ended up reading it to him. I would imagine a slightly older child would actually enjoy the way it was written and I will definitely encourage my son to have another go when he is feeling more confident. We loved the snowball fight and my son quite fancies having a Pan of his own.
20th November '17
I read it to AS100 aged 6 aged 6
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
4 stars
I have read this to my son aged 6 and he has enjoyed the story of Pan and his family's Christmas. Good humour throughout, nice length of chapters to read a chapter a night & nice illustrations.  

A good story to build up the excitement of Christmas and parents can relate to the unexpected guests & joys of a family Christmas!!

First book we have read from this author & will look at further books as they are a good length for transitioning from picture books to chapter books.
16th December '17
I read it to monster Sam aged 5 aged 5 & to EEFS aged 2 aged 2
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
4 stars
This took us a while to read as just read a few pages at bed time. We didn't find it the most interesting story-I think most of the jokes went over my 5 year olds head and this could also be because it took us a while to read, so we lost the thread a bit. It was enjoyable and my son liked the chapter about the snowball fight. Probably better for older children that are starting to read chapter books on their own-think my son was a little bit too young for it. We will keep and see if he prefers it when he's reading on his own more.
31st October '17
I read it to Jaanu aged 5 aged 5
There's a Dragon in my Stocking! 9781847158840
3 stars
This is a good book, in terms of storyline. But my son is 5 and perhaps a bit young for it, but i am sure he will like it in a few years.
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