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Was read to me 11th January '19

Once Upon a Wild Wood
Author: Chris Riddell
To be honest I suspect I enjoyed this book more than Lucas as I am a massive fan of Chris Riddell's illustrations.  Each page is just beautifully drawn.  The story is essentially a mash up of other popular fairy tales and we meet lots of familiar characters as we follow Little Green Rain Cape through the woods - as she makes her way to Rapunzel's party.
Although it's a picture book it's quite nuanced so perfectly suited to slightly older children who will enjoy it on a separate level to those who mostly like the pictures.
One to keep on the bookshelf for many years!

Was read to me 10th January '19

Baker Street Academy: Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Curse
Author: Sam Hearn
A new take on the Sherlock franchise, this is a fun and fast paced book.  Full of familiar characters (Watson, Moriarty and even a hound called Baskerville) it will appeal to adults who may be reading it with their kids.
It's a ghostly mystery which follows a trail of clues around the school - all to try and solve the ancient "Musgrave Riddle".  In all honesty, there's only ever really one likely candidate for the "ghost" and when the treasure is discovered they may well wish they hadn't bothered.
Yep it's not all silver and gold but some fabulous artifacts for the school.
It's presented as a series of e-mails, illustrations, comic strips and postcards which makes it lots of fun - but there were times when it was tricky to work out the order in which things needed to be read.  That's a minor gripe though as, on the whole, this made it the perfect mystery for kids who have moved beyond picture books but still find too many pages of text off putting.

Was read to me 12th December '18

The Daredevil's Guide to Dangerous Places
Authors: Lonely Planet , Anna Brett Illustrator: Mike Jacobsen
Lonely Planet Kids always come up trumps with their books and this one is no exception.  We follow Eddie and Junko as they take a whistle stop tour around 35 of the world's most dangerous places.  The illustrations are fun and bold and presented alongside photos of each place to really bring them to life.
Some places are obviously dangerous (Volcanoes, Shark infested seas etc) but there were a few new dangers included that I didn't know about - The Forest of Knives to name just one.
Presented in small, snappy chunks this is detailed enough to give plenty of information but not so in depth as to get boring.  The perfect combination for Lucas and brilliant for just dipping in and out of whether you have 5 minutes to spare or an hour!

Was read to me 4th December '18

Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal
Author: Jackie Marchant Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
This book was a funny (but quite convoluted) tale about Dougal who inadvertently sets up a business and ends up being an in-between for a forgery operation which is going on in the house next door.
It was a bit too complex for my 7 year old who lost interest quite quickly (perhaps one to try again in a couple of years) and as an adult I found it a bit confusing at times!
We did like the different styles of writing which swapped between e-mails, texts and "standard" storytelling and there were some fun illustrations within it but somehow I ended up with the feeling that it was too complicated for it's own good...….

Was read to me 24th November '18

I Want to Be in a Scary Story
Author: Sean Taylor Illustrator: Jean Jullien
Aw this is kind of cute!  Little monster wants to be in a scary story - but perhaps not too scary!  As he is given various options for the story he tones them down until he finds something that he's comfortable with.  So is little monster really that scared or just pretending?  You'll need to read it to find out! Full of fun, bold illustrations it's a perfect quick read for bedtime at Halloween and a perfect opportunity for everyone to practise shouting "BOO" together