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Was read to me 25th March '19

Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit
Authors: Ben Fogle , Steve Cole
This is a nice easy read of a book.  Mr Dog is a free spirit (stray) and one day he has found a playmate with Mummy Rabbit.  The game is cut short when Mummy Rabbit is captured in a rabbit trap.  She asks Mr Dog to help her as she has three baby rabbits in her burrow that will need looking after.
When he finds where they are he also discovers a abandoned pet angora rabbit.  The four bunnies and Mr Dog have to work together to find a way behind the mysterious "big fence" and reunite Mummy Rabbit with her babies.
This is a great mix of story telling and educational content.  There are lessons to be learnt about the responsibilities pet ownership brings and practical advice on what you should do if you find an abandoned baby rabbit in real life.

Was read to me 25th March '19

Bad Mermaids
Author: Sibeal Pounder Illustrator: Jason Cockcroft
Welcome to a magical underwater realm.  4 different "tribes" of mermaids but Arabella Cod has been kidnapped.  Meanwhile three mermaids are on land enjoying a "leg holiday" - not for long though as they're called back to the water to solve the mystery of Arabella's kidnapping and to find a host of other mermaids that have gone missing.
Sound confusing?  Yep it really is.  There was far too much going on in his book for our liking.  So many ideas, fashions, realms, customs thrown in quick succession that the first 50 pages or so just felt like total gobbledygook!
The storyline does become clearer but we'd just about given up on it by then.
If you love mermaids you'll probably like it.  
Equally the illustrations are full of detail and really fun but ultimately the narrative was just too all over the place for us.

Was read to me 16th March '19

Football School Season 3: Where Football Explains the World
Authors: Alex Bellos , Ben Lyttleton Illustrator: Spike Gerrell
A must have for any footie fan.  There's a great mix of fun facts, quizzes, stories, science (there's even a cake recipe!)
It's evenly peppered with illustrations and there's a nice mix of longer reads and bite sized chunks!
Another great book from the Football School series.

Was read to me 16th March '19

Author: Padraig Kenny
This book is just sublime.  Penny and David have just moved into their mother's childhood home - she's inherited it and their architect father thinks it's just where they need to make a fresh start.
What they don't know is that there's a furry lodger in the loft, called Pog.  He's patrolling the house to keep a guard on "The Necessary" - it looks like the door to a basement but actually is the gateway to another world.
There are creatures who want to feed on the memories/sorrow of the property's new occupants and they'll need to work with Pog to stop them in their tracks.
Sounds scary but somehow isn't.  Even as an adult I absolutely adored this one!

Was read to me 7th March '19

She Wolf
Author: Dan Smith
A brutal account of what it would have been like to be a Viking slave back in 866.  Ylva's mother has been murdered and as a proud Viking she needs to avenge her death.  She knows that she's looking for a man with three fingers but who can she trust.  Her constant companion, Geri, is a dog - can he protect She Wolf?
There is a lot of violence in this book (though not overly graphic) but that's in keeping with the bleak times Ylva lives in - it's all a matter of survival and trying to find a home.