Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal
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Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal


Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal Reviews | Toppsta

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More hilarious mayhem in this third book in the Dougal Daley series. This time Dougal sets out to make loads of money from his very secret website, Dynamo DD Phenomenal Enterprises. But, as usual, nothing goes to plan and before long Dougal is up to his neck in trouble...and, of course, none of it is his fault!

Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal Reviews | Toppsta


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First Line

"I, Dougal Daley, star goalkeeper for Fairford United and local hero, have been most unfairly grounded - again."

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About Jackie Marchant

Dougal Daley was inspired by a messy bedroom and a random question from my son about writing a will. Dougal Daley has been huge fun to write about – you wouldn’t believe the disasters that happen around him (none of which are his fault of course)! When I’m not writing I love doing school visits and creative writing workshops. I also take time away from the w

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About Loretta Schauer

Loretta Schauer has always had a passion for drawing and creativity, and honed her illustration skills through evening classes. In addition to her illustration, she works for Heath Hands, a charity dedicated to conservation and horticulture.Loretta lives in Highgate, North London with her husband Peter and their hamster, Eduardo.

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