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A uniquely silly and rebellious twist on a favourite fairy tale – with a fabulously foiled cover!

“Rabunzel, Rabunzel, let down your ears!…”
Rabunzel has a teeny tufty tail, a twitchy nose and two wide brown eyes. She also has VERY long ears – so long that her mother worries they will make her easy bait for the hungry creatures of the forest.
The answer? Rabunzel must be kept safe … in towering hutch, high in the sky. Here Rabunzel waits grumpily for her mother's daily visit with carrots and fresh lettuce, letting down her ears so she can climb up the tower.
But one day, it isn't her mother who climbs up Rabunzel's very long ears…
The first hilarious title in a fun-filled fairytale series with empowering messages for young readers!
Perfect for fans of The Fairytale Hairdresser and The Lion Inside series.
Look out for Cindergorilla, based on the classic Cinderella!

Rabunzel Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 1 in the Fairy Tales for the Fearless Series. See all Fairy Tales for the Fearless books here.


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First Line

Once up on Furry Tail Hill, in a field between a babbling blue stream and a deep, dark forest, lived a rabbit called Rabunzel.

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About Loretta Schauer

Loretta Schauer has always had a passion for drawing and creativity, and honed her illustration skills through evening classes. In addition to her illustration, she works for Heath Hands, a charity dedicated to conservation and horticulture.Loretta lives in Highgate, North London with her husband Peter and their hamster, Eduardo.

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