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Was read to me 16th January '19

Claude All at Sea: A picture book
Author: Alex T. Smith
This is a real fun book, a packed full adventute with great illustrations. Claude leaves the taps running in the bath, but all the water leads to a fun adventure. With pirates and even a octopus. This book was really enjoyed.

Was read to me 16th January '19

The Girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Lydia Monks
This is another great book, from a great author. Really nice glittery illustrations too. Josephine gets some new shoes, but suddenly she is being chased by a bear. Up a mountain and all sorts of places but when she thinks she can't do something her new shoes start taking and tell her that she can. Eventually the bear does catch up with her, but he's not as bad as she thought. 

Was read to me 10th January '19

We're in the Wrong Book!
Author: Richard Byrne
This book is lots of fun, it's something different with lots to see and do too. Ben and Bella end up in the wrong book and have quite an adventure trying to find there way out, as they travel through different books and story's. You even have things to like a maze and more. A fun book which was enjoyed.

Was read to me 10th January '19

The Sea Saw
Author: Tom Percival
What a lovely book, with really nice illustrations. A story about a little girl who goes on a trip with her dad and loses her favourite bear, as the sea washed the bear away it does have an interesting journey. A nice message too in this book is that nothing is ever lost if we keep it in our hearts.

Was read to me 13th December '18

The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon
Author: Richard Adams Illustrator: Alex T. Smith
This is a very fun book, with really nice illustrations. Egg box dragon comes to life and when he does he starts roaring and they think he will be a pain. But actually he's really good at finding things, of something's lost. He finds it. Soon the whole town knows and everyone is asking for his help. Even the queen. A fun book, that was enjoyed.