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You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop)


You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) Reviews | Toppsta

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A new picture book series from the MOBO award-winning hip hop artist Akala, bursting with bright colour artwork from acclaimed illustrator Sav.
Hip, a wise hippo; and Hop, his energetic bird friend are taking part in the Blueberry Hill bike race. Hop struggles at first, but with help from Hip, they learn that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it! Focus on your dreams and go!
This series aims to inspire children to grow up as happy, emotionally intelligent and socially responsible human beings. Part prose, part rap, this book is packed full of rhyme and rhythm, making it perfect to read with young children.

You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) Reviews | Toppsta


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11th September '17
D's little reads read it themselves aged 4 aged 4
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
My son loved this book. He was engaged and was interested in seeing what would happen. The rapping parts add something to the story and makes it more fun. Themessage of not giving up is a fantastic one and it is really clear
24th August '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 5 aged 5
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
This book is really good, the illustrations are great too. Hop is learning to ride his bike for the big bike race, but he keeps crashing. But with help from hip and friends he learns to never give up and when the race comes the others are in for a surprise. My little boy loved this book.
24th August '17
I read it to viola8148 aged 4 aged 4
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
Viola loved this book. It read really well and we read some parts rap voices which she also really enjoyed. The book is high quality with great illustrations. With a strong moral theme running throughout the book it supports the idea that hard work pays but also, it's really important to support and be a good friend to others. There was plenty to discuss with Viola afterwards and she was really engaged with the story throughout. Really impressed, would recommend. The characters were fun and showed the benefits of having that one special friend but it wasn't overly played or cheesy, something that Viola picks up on easily.
5th August '17
I read it to Zara aged 6 aged 6
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
Great for young kids going on teens. Really fun, educational and uplifting :) a really delightful book written by the amazing Akala! 
I recommend.
13th September '17
I read it to Chickpea aged 2 aged 2
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
This book is about how Hip helps to inspire his friend Hop to persevere with learning to ride his bike in order to take part in the blueberry hill bike race. 

My little girl really enjoyed this book. The verses are supposed to be done as a rap (but mammy can't rap for toffee) but work just as well spoken like normal rhyming prose thankfully. It has a repeating chorus that my little one likes to join in with and the overall message about practice making perfect is delivered well. I think this is going to be a favourite for quite a while to come. 
26th August '17
I read it to Brobee aged 5 aged 5 & to Toodee aged 3 aged 3
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
My 5 year old adored reading this book. The bright, colourful illustrations draw you into the story and are so modern (quite different to the illustrations in many children's stories). She loved the rhythm of the story and the themes of friendship and perseverance really chimed with her experience; it was really lovely to hear her talking about the characters while playing after we had read together. We can't wait to hear about Hip and Hop's next adventure!
3rd September '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to HRDK aged 11 aged 11 , to PMK aged 7 aged 7 , to MAK aged 5 aged 5 & to DFK aged 3 aged 3
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
5 stars
We loved this book. It took us a few pages to work out that the bold text was the bit we were supposed to rap, but loved it. So refreshing with its gender neutral presentation, and positive and encouraging story. This book was enjoyed by all, from three years to forty-three years, but think eleven year old enjoyed it most! 
7th September '17
I read it to bairn aged 3 aged 3
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
4 stars
We liked this book, I will be honest and say I didn't love it and my son wasn't overly blown away, compared to our previous Toppsta prize. I had to redirect his focus at times - The bits I tried to rap kept his attention the most, even though my rap skills aren't great lol 

However I still think it's well put together and kids will like the bold illustrations, again not my preferred style, but different strokes for different folks! 

I liked the message of the story about keeping trying to reach your goals and dreams. My wee one liked the Bird character crashing off his bike the most - poor wee Hop! 

The rhymes were very good but there was just something about it which failed to ignite that extra spark to deserve 5 stars  
19th December '17
I read it to byronbay aged 4 aged 4 & to Rosiewoo aged 4 aged 4
You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) 9780192747808
3 stars
Read this to my 2 & 4 year old. Was excited about this book as I love a rap but if I’m honest the children looked at me like I’d gone slightly mad! Maybe that was my rap skills?! Story theme is good but didn’t engage my two despite them both being bike enthusiasts. Illustrations nice. Overall a bit disappointed 
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About Akala

BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer, poet and historian Akala is a label owner and social entrepreneur who fuses unique rap/rock/electro-punk sound with fierce storytelling. Jay-Z, M.I.A. and Christina Aguilera are just a few of the musicians Akala's toured with, his own stellar live show headlined eight UK tours and he regularly appears...

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About Sav Akyuz

Ben Bailey Smith, aka Doc Brown, is a British actor, rapper, comedian and screenwriter,and creator of the BAFTA-nominated CBBC comedy 4 O'Clock Club. As an actor, Smith has played roles in the acclaimed BBC series Rev and Miranda, as well as Channel 4's The Inbetweeners. He curre...

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