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How can any little monster possibly go to bed when their tail isn't even tired? And when their knees still have plenty of bounce in them? And when their arms still want to fly like a jet plane? Bedtime is surely a long way off! Luckily, Big Monster has a strategy to outwit Little Monster, with the inevitable result! A humorous and charming bedtime story that adults and children will love to read - and play out - again and again.

My Tail's Not Tired Reviews | Toppsta


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15th October '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 5 aged 5
My Tail's Not Tired 9781846439865
5 stars
Big monster wants little monster to go to bed, but how can he sleep when his knees are not tired. Or his bottom or his feet. So he has to show big monster why he’s not tired. Eventually he does get tired out, but it takes a lot. A fun story that my little boy enjoyed. 
27th November '18
I read it to Eviebobs aged 2 aged 2
My Tail's Not Tired 9781846439865
5 stars
I really like having go-to bedtime stories that I know will help Evie get into a relaxed and sleepy mood before bed.  This is a lovely story for helping children to get rid of all of their wiggles and jiggles before settling down.  
Little Monster doesn’t feel ready to go to bed because different parts of her body still have energy in them.  Big Monster encourages her to show him, letting her get the energy out before settling down for a sleep.
A lovely story about bedtime routines showing a loving parent and child relationship.
Beautiful illustrations! 
25th April '17
I read it to Berrylookalike aged 7 aged 7
My Tail's Not Tired 9781846439865
5 stars
I love the gender-neutrality of this book. Big Monster and Little Monster could represent any big person/small person relationship and therefore opens up the book to be entirely relevant to every child. They can be Little Monster and Big Monster could be whoever is reading the book to them. The illustrations are gorgeous. I love the use of the page layout to make Big Monster always slightly outside of the picture, slightly too large to fit on the page. And Little Monster’s wigglyness is just adorable – and certainly reminiscent of a few energetic toddlers I know!

A delightful celebration of carer/child relationships, My Tail’s Not Tired is the perfect book to act out together.
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