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Was read to me 20th August '18

Author: Emma Dodd
This is a nice book, perfect for children starting school. Illustrations are very nice too. The little girl is worried about starting school, and has lots of questions. But foxy and his magic tail always produce what's needed. Even if it takes a few tries. A good book which was enjoyed. Ideal for school starters though.

Was read to me 17th August '18

Tiger Lily
This was a good, nice illustrated book. Tiger is very naughty and always upto no good, but doesn't like getting told off. So one day he convinces lily to run away with him. They have fun at first, but then when tiger is still naughty lily starts to miss home. But can she find her way back.

Was read to me 15th August '18

Author: Rebecca Cobb
This was a fun book, with really great illustrations. The little girl doesn't want to eat her lunch, she's too busy. But the animals think it looks very tasty and end up eating it for her. So once she back playing, she starts to wish she did eat it in the end. A nice story that can be related to. We enjoyed it.

Was read to me 14th August '18

Jellybeans for Giants
Authors: Adam Guillain , Charlotte Guillain Illustrator: Lee Wildish
This is a great rhyming book, with really fun illustrations. George plants a jellybean and it turns into a beanstalk, so he packs some sweets and sets off in search of the giant with his dog Trixie. On the way up, they run into a pixie, a troll and more. A really fun story that my little boy enjoyed.

Was read to me 13th August '18

All About Families
Author: Felicity Brooks Illustrator: Mar Ferrero
Another great quality book by usborne, with really nice illustrations. This book is packed full of information on all different types of families, what they do, where they live and so much more. Really great to teach your children about families and why and how they are differen.