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Was read to me 22nd February '18

The Birthday Invitation
Author: Lucy Rowland Illustrator: Laura Hughes
This is a good book, great illustrations too. Ella is on her way to give out her birthday invitations when one drops on the floor. It’s found by a wizard, pirates and even makes its way to a knight. When the party comes around Ella is in for a surprise when she goes to the door. Lots of fun to be had in this story which my little boy really enjoyed.

Was read to me 21st February '18

Elmer and Snake
Author: David McKee
Another good Elmer book, with lots of fun. This time The other elephants want to play a trick on Elmer so they ask snake for help. He gives them a great idea and then goes and tells Elmer so he can play a trick on the elephants. The story could be a little confusing for younger readers, but my little boy is a big fan of these books and he enjoyed it.

Was read to me 19th February '18

Look Out, It's a Dragon!
Author: Jonny Lambert
This is a really good book, great quality with really nice illustrations. Saffi is a friendly dragon and just wants somewhere to live, but each animal she meets thinks she’s scarey. They will not let her live in there home. So in the end she goes off all upset. But when the bad dragons turn up, the animals are calling for help and that’s when saffi comes in. A really nice story that my little boy enjoyed.

Was read to me 18th February '18

Muffins for Mummies
Authors: Adam Guillain , Charlotte Guillain Illustrator: Lee Wildish
This is a really fun book, the illustrations are great too. George and his dog trixie are on an adventure to find out who has been eating all the muffins. So as he makes his way around the museum he meets lots of different people and even a mammoth. Following the crumb trail the whole time they eventually find who’s eating all the cakes and they are in for quite a surprise. My little boy really enjoyed this adventure.

Was read to me 17th February '18

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
Author: Mo Willems
This was a great book, lots of fun to read and very funny. A great twist on a classic story which my little boy really enjoyed.