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Was read to me 20th November '18

The Snow Lion
Author: Jim Helmore Illustrator: Richard Jones
This is a very nice book, the illustrations are too. It's all about getting out there and making new friends. A little boy moves into a new home and makes friends with a lion that lives in the walls. The lion helps the boy to be brave and make new friends. He will always be there when he's needed, even when the walls are painted. A really nice book, that my little boy enjoyed lots.

Was read to me 19th November '18

Author: Sue Heap Illustrator: Sue Heap
This is a nice, well illustrated book. All about sharing. The little girl does not want to share her toys, not with the twins or anyone. But when she sees that the baby is sad and no one has any toys. She has a good idea. This is a nice story to teach children about sharing. My little boy enjoyed this book and has since read it again himself.

Was read to me 16th November '18

Ferdie's Christmas
Author: Julia Rawlinson Illustrator: Tiphanie Beeke
This is a nice well illustrated book, perfect for this time of year. Ferdie fox is worried that Santa won't visit the bunnies, because they have moved house and he doesn't know where they live. So with help from all his animal friends they make a trail for santa .But not all goes to plan. A fun Christmas story that my little boy enjoyed. 

Was read to me 14th November '18

Mrs Mole, I'm Home!
Author: Jarvis Illustrator: Jarvis
This is a very fun book, illustrations are great too. Mr mole lost his glasses and trying to find his way home he pops up in all different places, the swamp was my little boys favourite. A great book with lots of fun characters to meet.

Was read to me 13th November '18

The Storytime: The Big Fuzzy
Author: Caroline Castle Illustrator: Daniel Howarth
This is a nice wintery book, with lots of snowy illustrations. It's set in Greenland. When the mum gets poorly it's upto the little girl and her baby brother to go catch some fish, but they have to watch out for the polar bears. When a storm comes, they end up finding a surprise way home. My little boy enjoyed the bit when the baby was feeding the polar bear all the fish.