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Was read to me 11th November '18

100 Things to Know About Food
Authors: Sam Baer , Rachel Firth , Rose Hall , Alice James , Jerome Martin Illustrators: Federico Mariani , Parko Polo
My children LOVE this series, and were delighted to find a new one in a book shop. Like the other books, this is full of facts and information, with fun scientist cartoon characters on hand all the way through to illustrate each page. You can learn about how taste buds work, whether humans eat more sharks than the other way round and how to make a cake without using eggs. The pictures are simple and engaging and this is a great factual book that you can dip in and out of. 

I would highly recommend this book for any children who love learning facts.

Was read to me 5th November '18

The Nothing to See Here Hotel
Author: Steven Butler Illustrator: Steven Lenton
This is a wildly fantastic and funny book! My son loves humorous tales, and after discovering that it was set in our home town of Brighton, I decided that this was a must as our next story book to read together. And we were not disappointed! The main character is Frankie Bannister who lives in a seafront hotel with his parents.  Only - this is not your average hotel. Frankie's grandmother, who also lives in the hotel, is also a Troll, and the guests are magical creatures.  And the hotel is invisible to humans...  The book is filled with a host of magical characters such as the Molar Sisters, Nanny the Scottish Spider (and hotel chef) and lawn that is alive.  Informed by a flying goblin messenger that a goblin prince is about to visit, the hotel is turned upside down preparing for the imminent visit and then by the demands of the prince once he is in residence. 

This book is wonderfully written, and Frankie is an engaging and authentic narrator of the tale - the colourful characters and pace of the plot make it a brilliant book to read aloud, and I think I enjoyed it just as much as my son. And we both can't wait to read the next instalment!

Was read to me 1st November '18

The World's Worst Children 3
Author: David Walliams
Ten tales of horrendous children in one book...! These are great for reading as the wording is imaginatively set out, with lots of words in bood, larger text or in swirly lines that guide you in the rhythm of the words. And the Tony Ross illustrations are brilliant at capturing the impishness of the featured characters. However - while my son did enjoy the stories, personally I felt that they lacked (date I say it?!) a certain 'X' factor. I find David Walliams books a bit hit and miss (and clearly I am in a minority here).  

Was read to me 19th October '18

Oi! Get Off Our Train
Author: John Burningham
My son brought this home from school as his reading book, and what a delight this story is! We have as a family read quite a few of John Burningham's books over the years and it was a delight to discover a new one.  The story is sort of a re-telling of Noah's Ark - if you swap an Ark for a train, and the animals board one by one (instead of two by two). With a dog and boy driving the train together, each animal explains why they need to get on the train. It's a fantastic and gentle way to introduce the subject of animal conservation to young children - as the tiger explains, "They are cutting down the forests, and soon there will be none of us left...". In-between animals joining the train they also play different games together.

My son and I loved reading this book together. Why? We loved the dreamy illustrations and the conversations that it inspired about each of the animals and what we can do to help save them. John Burningham has a real gift in writing stories that engage a childs' imagination and his ability to see the world as the young do. 

Was read to me 14th October '18

Author: Sangma Francis Illustrator: Lisk Feng
This is a large hardback book that is beautifully designed to a very high standard. The book explores everything you need to know about the world's tallest mountain, from how it formed, how it's height was discovered, the nature that can be found on and around it to the myth of the Yeti. It's a fact-filled book accompanied by simple and engaging illustrations. With short sections, it's a great book to dip in and out of, and does not need to be read from cover to cover in one go. My son loved listening to the different topics over a course of evenings, and loved learning lots of facts about the mountains.

This is a truly beautiful book, and one that would make a great present for any book-lovint child. Highly recommended.