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Dive into the world of business with this lively introduction, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a smarter consumer. With bright, infographic pictures, it describes how to start your own business, manage your money and beat the competition and explains global supply chains and interest rates. Includes links to websites to find out more.

Business for Beginners Reviews | Toppsta


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30th November '18
I read it to Piglet aged 7 aged 7
Business for Beginners 9781474940139
5 stars
My son really wants to open a shop when he is older, so this is the perfect book for him! I don't know much about this subject area and we enjoy reading other Usborne books, always finding them easy to understand and interesting. This book takes what could be a complicated subject that in some ways is quite abstract to a young child and explains it in clear and simple ways. There is a lot of information included but the short paragraphs and engaieng graphics make it very acceeacces. It's not a book to read all in one go, but is a great text book for someone interested in this area. What I think is great about this book is that children can often absorb a lot of information about subjects they are interested in and that Usborne are providing books that make less obvious topics available for children. 
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