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Wrote a Review 5th November '18

Book pages Doughnuts for a Dragon
Doughnuts for a Dragon
I read it to OA aged 4
This is a raucous little trip through time, with princesses, witches, ogres, dragons and doughnuts of course. Great rhyme, lovely illustrations...most kids would probAbly love a doughnut to plop on their nose!! 

A fairytale-sequel introduction to a different period in time...mode of transport...time machine!! Looks like a great series, will definitely be looking out for the other foodie titles...great for 3 years+

Wrote a Review 2nd November '18

Book pages The Truth Pixie
The Truth Pixie
I read it to G aged 11 & to OA aged 4
I remember my daughter was so excited to hear that the Truth Pixie was having her own book...having featured in the Matt Haig/Chris Mould’s Christmas trilogy...

The wait is over...having been reading reviews for the last few weeks, we were so pleased with our book post today! 

Firstly, the illustrations are stunning throughout...and the story told in rhyme is a delight...the first half focuses on the negatives of her ‘situation’ , the curse of only speaking the truth! The second half, her realisation that there are positives in everyone’s life because there are two sides/versions to and night, happy and sad, hot and cold.  Without one, you can’t truly appreciate or experience the other...

All children should experience this book...and read these beautiful lines of truth “life might not go as it should, But you are young and your life will be magic, It will be happy and funny and sometimes tragic.”

Wrote a Review 1st November '18

Book pages Daisy and the Trouble with School Trips
Daisy and the Trouble with School Trips
I read it to G aged 11
Kes Gray’s ‘Daisy’ series holds a special place in our hearts...the start of our chapter book journey together...I always read them with exciting pace...slowing down to often to laugh our socks off!

This most recent in the series, is equally as funny...loads of laugh out loud moments as Daisy gets into her usual scrapes!  Brilliantly illustrated throughout by Garry Parsons and cover by Nick Sharrat

Great for emerging chapter book readers, shared reading, or older readers that want to have blast! 

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Wrote a Review 1st November '18

Book pages How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
I read it to OA aged 4
This is a lovely, fun little book...addressing the age old problem of how to wash a woolly mammoth!  obviously toddler can be substituted for mammoth, I think most parents would appreciate a manual to successfully navigate bath and bedtime!

This book is chockablock with gorgeous illustrations...particularly love the mammoth’s expression!  Such a great idea/concept!  Happy bath time all!! You must check out the back cover and end papers too...