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Favourite book EVER is The Great Gatsby/4.50 from paddington
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Wrote a Review 23rd March '19

Book pages Commotion In The Ocean
Commotion In The Ocean
I read it to OA aged 4
We’ve previously read the shorter pop-up version of this book...

This one has lots more (more than double) super under the sea creature rhymes..our fave ones are turtles, dolphins and ‘deep sea’!  Great, bright, fun illustrations.

We love this series of books by this great team! 

Wrote a Review 23rd March '19

Book pages Grandad's Secret Giant
Grandad's Secret Giant
I read it to OA aged 4
This truly is a golden age of children’s literature...not just in MG books but picture books of art contained in a book...this is another stunning example!!

This is a story about a giant that protects and helps the people of a town...but they are scared of him...

...this is a beautiful story about acceptance and friendship.

Very highly recommended.

Wrote a Review 23rd March '19

Book pages Wishing for a Dragon
Wishing for a Dragon
I read it to OA aged 4
This is a visually stunning book, that features one of my favourite ever illustrations in a picture book, which was actually used as the cover illustration in the hardback version.

This is a throwback to stories of old...characters Olive, Barney & Ella let their imaginations take them on a hot air balloon voyage to faraway lands, where they meet fantasy creatures all the way, Ella is not happy though...she really wants tt meet a dragon!! 

Perfect!  Really highly recommended!! 

Wrote a Review 23rd March '19

Book pages The Highway Rat
The Highway Rat
I read it to OA aged 4
This is another book we had somehow never read...I was really looking forward to it...

I really enjoyed all the usual things we have all come to expect and love about books from this super pair...the rhyme and illustrations...

...but lo really didn’t enjoy it...he has become very sensitive to meanness of characters in books...the rat taking his horses hay was the icing on the cake!  He said “why has he taken the hay from his friend? I don’t want to read this one again”.  

Will persevere with this type of book...lots of life lessons to be learnt! 

So, our average star rating is 3.  

Wrote a Review 18th March '19

Book pages The Wolves Who Came for Dinner
The Wolves Who Came for Dinner
I read it to OA aged 4
This is a fresh telling of an old tale, the normally ‘bad’ Wolf is good and is best friends with Hotpot, a lamb.  

The other animals in the forest just can’t believe and accept the relationship and mount several attempts to open Hotpot’s eyes...

Lo was really rooting for this friendship, he was sad that Wolf was misunderstood.

This is a lovely book, demonstrating that anyone and everyone can be friends.