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Here comes trouble! A super-dooper picture book featuring the one and only Daisy!
When Daisy gets left with a babysitter for the first time, she fibs and says that she usually has ice-cream and chips for tea, never gets dirty, and always stays up watching videos till midnight. 'Really?' asks Angela. 'Really, really,' fibs Daisy. But what will happen when Mum comes home? If you liked Eat Your Peas, you will really, really like this book!

Daisy: Really, Really Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the Daisy Picture Books Series. See all Daisy Picture Books books here.

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12th October '16
I read it to IslaC aged 5 aged 5
Daisy: Really, Really 9781782956464
4 stars
Daisy has a new babysitter - she manages to hide the rules from her mum so that she gets exactly the kind of treat filled night that she's after. My 4 yo loved it, seeing how you can twist the truth to get your own way, but possibly not the best message to give to children - lie and be rewarded for it
31st July '16
I read it to Lily aged 3 aged 3 & to RoseMars aged 3 aged 3
Daisy: Really, Really 9781782956464
3 stars
My three year old twin girls like this book as it is funny and cheeky. I, however, do not like the idea that Daisy lies and lies and gets away with it. The illustrations are fun and the story is funny. I wouldn't recommend this book as it can be seen as encouraging children to lie to get what they want with no consequences.
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