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Join George, a young and courageous explorer with all the pluck of a little Indiana Jones, on a Jurassic Park-style journey to find an island of dinosaurs!

George swoops off to seek the fearsome T. rex in his home-made hang-glider with just his dog Trixie for company. But will he find the lost dinosaur island he seeks? And how will Trixie's dog treats come in handy when things get a little hairy?

Treats for a T. rex is a funny, rhyming adventure story all about dinosaurs and dog tricks - perfect for reading aloud. George's first picture book adventure Spaghetti with the Yeti was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Sheffield Children's Book Award. Ideal for fans of Dinosaurs Love Underpants and Dinosaurs in the Supermarket.

Find more treats and daring feats in the rest of George's Amazing Adventures: Spaghetti with the Yeti, Marshmallows for Martians, Doughnuts for a Dragon, Pizza for Pirates and Socks for Santa. Perfect picture book fun for children aged 3 years and up.

Adam Guillain is a performance storyteller and was the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre Writer in Residence. Charlotte Guillain is a prolific author of children's fiction, non-fiction and picture books, and together they have created the hugely successful George's Amazing Adventures series.

Lee Wildish lives in Lancashire and has been illustrating from a very young age. He loves illustrating children's books and thinks there's nothing better than seeing people laughing at a book he's illustrated. His titles include The Spooky Spooky House which was the winner of the Red House Children's Book Award 2013, and the New York Times Bestselling How to Babysit a Grandpa.

Treats for a T. rex Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 6 in the George's Amazing Adventures Series. See all George's Amazing Adventures books here.

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20th July '16
I read it to Springs aged 3 to 4
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
We took the pre school children (ages 3 and 4h to our forest school area and read the story sat on logs with trees around us, a particular good setting for a story about dinosaurs. They really enjoyed the different types of dinosaurs and particularly enjoyed the rhyming elements in the story. The pictures were very colourful which made it very eye catching. The children asked for it to be read again and we obliged as it was such a lovely story.
1st August '16
I read it to lewis1 aged 4 aged 4
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
We've read this book every day for a week. Lewis loves it because it has dinosaurs in it and the illustrations are fab. A lovely rhyming book.
12th August '16
I read it to Dino Girl aged 4 aged 4
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
As soon as we finished this book, we had to read it again straight away. As I write this, she is hugging the book. 
It's a winner for dino fans!
We enjoyed the familiar dinosaurs with the funny twist of dog tricks. The flowing rhyme made the read enjoyable. Some nice adventurous word choice to learn along the way. 

Bright and lovely illustrations to compliment the storyline. We particularly enjoyed the clouds in the shape of dinosaurs. 

A great bedtime story - we'd recommend to dino fans everywhere! 
15th July '16
I read it to Bob2 aged 4 aged 4
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
This is a great bedtime book, the rhyme throughout the book give it a wonderful, soothing rhythm. My 4 year old son loved the illustrations, and laughed at how George tamed the T Rex! The amount of dinosaurs in the book satisfied my son immensely.  I think it's more of a young boy's book, and we will certainly be reading other books by this author now. Would make a great present. 
16th July '16
I read it to LCR08 aged 8 aged 8
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
Leo loves George's adventures in Pizza for Pirates and loved that he recognised George when we first read this book.
We both enjoyed trying to figure out which dinosaur was going to appear next, and we both found the tricks that George and his dog taught the dinosaurs! 
Due to the rhyme and rhythm of each verse and on each page, Leo quickly remembered some of the words and enjoyed joining in with them.
This is a good book for any dinosaur fans out there. 
28th July '16
I read it to Alicia aged 5 aged 5 & to Marcus aged 3 aged 3
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
Marcus (3): I want a T-Rex! I would teach him how to fly!

My children 3 & 5 absolutely loved this book and I had to read it over and over again. They say the dog is so cute and they live discussing all the things they'd like to teach the dinosaurs and what treats they'd give him!
18th July '16
I read it to Alan aged 4 aged 4 & to Lenny aged 2 aged 2
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
We love this book and thank you to toppsta for introducing it to us!
Received it 3 days ago and have read it everyday. 
The boys love the pictures and the story, it is adventurous and funny. We talk about the different dinasours and the tricks that they get taught. The concept is lovey and I like how the proper names are used for the dinasours even if this is a bit of a tongue twister for mammy and daddy.
The boys relate to the story as they have dogs and this kind it's funny how a dog can t3axh a dinasour tricks. 
A really lovely fun read so much so we have bought others in the series.
12th October '16
I read it to Montymoo aged 5 aged 5
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
Fabulous book! Colourful, great story and of course dinosaurs!! Big hit with my boy 
18th July '16
I read it to dani aged 3 aged 3
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
When I saw this book, I thought it would be one my 3 year old daughter would enjoy. I was right. This story has a bit of everything for that age. Rhymes, adventures, humor, a pet. And dinosaurs. Lots of dinosaurs. I appreciated that the real names were used. Some children's books don't bother with this, so it's nice to introduce the topic in a fun way. I admit that I'm going to need to look up the names to make sure I'm pronouncing them correctly. A parents' guide (or page) with this information would really be appreciated. The illustrations are detailed, colorful, and clever. I liked all the hidden dinosaurs (both real and in shapes like maps and clouds). My daughter found some with help, and I could see this really appealing to older children. The text is simple, with a great rhyme scheme. I particularly like how the rhymes crossed pages, keeping interest in the flow of the story. This would really help younger children increase their attention spans. I'm considering taking it into the nursery I work in for a story time. I think it would go over really well. I'm definitely going to be looking into more of the books in the series.
4th February '19
I read it to OA aged 4 aged 4
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
Another corker from this triumvirate!  

We love this George series.. this one being our favourite so far...a great, funny Dino rhyme that Lo was able to join in with...

The illustrations are simple but are of course still totally wonderful!  Massive fans of Lee Wildish.

Perfect for all picture book fans! 
17th October '16
I read it to HollyF aged 3 aged 3
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
5 stars
A brilliantly colourful and well illustrated book. A lovely story about a little boy and his dog on the look out for a TRex. On the way to finding a TRex they teach the other dinosaurs dog tricks. My daughter always wants to read this twice also very entertaining listening to her repeating the names of the dinosaurs back.
17th July '16
I read it to Deedawg aged 6 aged 6
Treats for a T. rex 9781405273626
4 stars
This book reminds me of the film 'UP'. There's the same sense of adventure with a cute little chap leading the way along with his doggy side kick. The book is ideal for bedtimes, leaving little ones inspired and ready to dream of far off lands and years gone by. The illustrations are wonderful, full of colour and really bringing the story to life. The text is rhyming which helps the flow and pace of the tale. It's even educational with REAL dinosaur names used throughout. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a short, yet adventure packed bedtime story book, a must for any child with an interest in dinosaurs! 
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Adam Guillain lives near Oxford with his wife, Charlotte, their two children. Adam and his wife have written several picture books together as well as young fiction. They like to be as silly as possible! ...

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Adam Guillain lives near Oxford with his wife, Charlotte, their two children. Adam and his wife have written several picture books together as well as young fiction. They like to be as silly as possible! Kelly Gaffney is a former early childhood teacher who has written for Engage Literacy since 2010. When not writing for Engage Literacy, Kelly works as an in...

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