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Lee Wildish

  • 5 stars across 57 books
    Steve Smallman has taken up writing his own stories after illustrating children's books for over 30 years. He also teaches illustration and mural-painting workshops in schools. When he's not working, Steve enjoys films, television, gardening and walking in the countryside. Lee Wildish lives in Lancashire and has been illustrating from a very young age. He loves illustrating children's books and thinks there's nothing better than seeing people laughing at a book he's illustrated.
    30th June 2016

    Treats for a T. rex

    Join George, a young and courageous explorer with all the pluck of a little Indiana Jones, on a Jurassic Park-style jo... More

    (13 reviews)
    28th August 2014

    Doughnuts for a Dragon

    A boy called George had a brilliant idea To be like the heroes of old. He would go off and search for... More

    (11 reviews)
    1st August 2011

    Dragon Stew

    'Five bored vikings went out hiking, Looking for adventure, for something bold and new. So they thought th... More

    (8 reviews)
    16th April 2015

    Pizza for Pirates

    A boy called George had a wonderful plan To search for a real pirate crew. So he packed up a pizza, his favourite ... More

    (6 reviews)
    14th January 2016

    Double Dave

    Dave wakes up to find someone else sleeping in his bed! It is orange just like Dave. It is big just like Dave. But it ... More

    (5 reviews)
    13th October 2003

    Spaghetti With the Yeti

    "Hurrah!... shouted George, "At last it is you. I've been looking so hard for the Yeti.... The monster l... More

    (5 reviews)
    3rd May 2018

    Jellybeans for Giants

    Join George on a new rhyming adventure in the latest title in the bestselling picture book series, from... More

    (5 reviews)
    5th June 2014

    Marshmallows for Martians

    A boy called George had a marvellous idea One night as he gazed at the stars, 'I'll go and... More

    (4 reviews)
    5th September 2013

    How to Babysit a Grandad

    The perfect story to make the distance between you and grandad feel a little smaller whilst you're stuck at home . .... More

    (4 reviews)
    3rd July 2014

    How to Babysit a Grandma

    Grab your pillow and get ready to spend some special time with your grandma! When you babysit a grandma, if you're... More

    (3 reviews)
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