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The Last Book Before Bedtime

by , Nicola O'Byrne

The Last Book Before Bedtime Reviews | Toppsta

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Everyone knows that the very last story before bed is the best story of all. But the problem is, everyone wants to be in that very last story! A familiar fairy tale is turned topsy-turvy when Cinderella hijacks the story of The Three Little Pigs, then Little Red Riding Hood jumps in, adamant that her story is better because it's full of danger. And then the Big Bad Wolf turns up too! But disaster strikes! Uh-oh! What will they do? The reader is still awake and needs a story! The characters make up their own story, of course, and one with enough funniness, romance, danger AND cake (obviously) to keep everyone happy.

The Last Book Before Bedtime Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780857635983
  • Pub Date: 14th January 2016
  • Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Imprint: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48

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10th June '16
I read it to Alicia aged 5 aged 5 & to Marcus aged 3 aged 3
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
"It's so funnny, Mummy! They are all arguing!"
My daughter, 5, absolutely loved this book when we read it tonight. I have no doubt we'll read it many times more. The characters in the book are all familiar to the children, from the 3 little pigs to Cinderellla and Red Riding Hood and of course the big bad wolf. This meant my children were able to join in in the traditional elements of the book. But they also loved the twist of how the stories intertwined and how, eventually, all the characters worked together to create a new, joint bedtime story.
Absolutely adorable.
I also love the audio book that can be played along. To be honest, my kids asked me to stop it as they wanted to hear it with my voice. But the part I heard was read very well and I'm sure my daughter will want to re-read it when I'm not available and love to have the audio to read along.
26th May '16
I read it to Ellielebugjnr aged 9 months aged 0
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
This is a lovely refreshingly new twist on a fairytale bedtime story. It has all of them mixed together. I love the speech bubbles which will make for easy reading when she learns. The illustrations are lovely bold and colourful. I like the 'torn' front page, I know she will love that growing up, she already likes feeling those pages. I love the interactive tale. I love the pigs dressing up as Cinderella vile sisters. The grumpy face on the three little pigs was brilliant. its a absolutely lovely book! Very high standard print. My daughter was smiling all the way though, if we love telling a book she lives listening to it. 
It took two bedtime sittings to read this book. I loved how the big bad wolf 'tore' up the original one already Tory and used all thier own imagination to get a princess and action filled story with cake and that it encouraged the reader to make thier own story up at the end giving ideas. 
26th May '16
I read it to GCR13 aged 3 aged 3
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
This is such a fun book! It has all of the week-known characters from traditional tales but is not what you expect it to be!
It is funny, full of twists and turns and keeps you on your toes! The illustrations are clear and the speech bubbles keep the pages interesting.
We usually choose 3 stories at bedtime, but tonight we only needed this one as it is quite long and raised lots of questions and giggles! 
11th October '16
I read it to Jakob aged 9 aged 9 & to Luke aged 3 aged 3
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
We love this book! It is a wonderful and funny twist on a mix of classics. I read it often to my 3 year old and as soon as I start my 9 year old will join us as he thoroughly enjoys it as well. I've also found them reading it on their own many times. The story is funny and unique, the pictures are captivating. 
4th June '16
I read it to LewisT aged 2 aged 2
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
Really enjoyed this funny mixed up book of stories. I loved that it wasn't what you expected, the illustrations and sayings are both cute & funny!! My little boy loved looking at the pictures & throughly enjoyed me reading it all to him - a longer book than some of his usual bedtime stories but he loved it! As did I - another fantastic book - definitely recommended!!! 

I will definitely be buying books from this author in future... I've already spotted one that I think my son will love!!
5th June '16
I read it to HarMooMoo aged 2 aged 2 & to Drake aged 6 aged 6
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
I read this to Harmony aged 3 and Drake aged 6. We have been reading some simplified versions and picture book versions of various fairytales over the last year so they are familiar with some of the characters in the book.
Whilst Harmony struggled with following the story as it was a bit complicated for her - she loved the bright pictures
Drake was able to follow the story perfectly and thought it was very funny and was laughing.
What we liked about this book:
- the bright pictures with easily recognisable drawings of characters
- the speech bubbles which Drake could read easily himself and Harmony could sound out the words
- the story - it is interesting, funny and appealing to kids and also to me as the adult having to read it
- the characters - they are well known characters but not as you normally see them - so although they were recognisable they were  different to expected. They were engaging and likeable
- it could be read to different ages and they both enjoyed it and were able to follow the story even though they are at different levels of understanding.
We didnt try out the QR code although we might give it a go when we go on holidays in July and have it playing in the car
25th February '18
I read it to RUBYB aged 6 aged 6
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
My 6 year old daughter loves this book! She finds it so funny and it is a popular bedtime read! It is a twist on the classic fairy tales - three little pigs, Cinderella and Little red riding hood. My daughter loves reading what the fairy tale characters say in the speech bubbles, which she finds very amusing. It also invites the reader into the story. A fantastic book for all ages! :)
25th February '18
I read it to seany aged 8 aged 8
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
Wonderful. A unique story for all ages with beautiful and lively illustration.
28th May '16
I read it to DexterLogan aged 3 aged 3 & to MiloPercy aged 1 aged 1
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
5 stars
Firstly, this book is absolutely hilarious! I found myself laughing so much as a parent reading it to her two little ones. My one year old is too young to understand it, but my 3 year old loved it! Even my husband was laughing along from the living room when he heard me reading it to the kids at bedtime!
It's a story like none other and features all your favourite fairy tale characters. You have the 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf and all of them believe their story is the best and what culminates is a fun topsy turvy story for little ones.
The illustrations are beautiful too (and funny!) 
This book should be in every child's home. It's fantastic!
24th January '17
I read it to Yzabelle aged 7 aged 7 , to Malakhi aged 4 aged 4 & to Jakobi aged 4 aged 4
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
4 stars
Great book, all three of my children loved this.
Its a story featuring famous characters but not in their traditional stories, its very unique although maybe just that little to long
14th June '16
I read it to Joseph4 aged 3 aged 3
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
4 stars
I read this book to 3 year old grandson, he found some parts amusing the first time we read it. When we read it again he enjoyed it much more. It is well written but I would like to have had more characters involved.
2nd June '16
I read it myself (an adult) , to IRE aged 4 aged 4 & to TAME aged 2 aged 2
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
4 stars
My four year old really enjoyed this very clever story which is a mishmash of several traditional fairytales. She is familiar with all the original stories (The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella) and found it hilarious how the story was, in her words, "all wrong"! It is quite a long book but she listened carefully right to the end. Unfortunately it was too long for my two year old and he quickly lost interest. Personally, I found it quite difficult to read aloud due to all the different characters but you can listen to the story online, which is great if you are struggling doing the voices! Also my daughter loved the audio book as she could follow the text independently as she listened. The illustrations are brilliant and the book is full of text bubbles and bold sections of text to add emphasis. This is certainly one to consider if you are looking for a slightly longer picture book. I'd particularly recommend it for 3 or 4 years and upwards and especially for little ones who know the original stories inside out!
29th June '16
I read it myself (an adult)
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857635983
3 stars
The Last Book Before Bedtime is a fairy tale mash up. Familiar characters (the three little pigs, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf) are all competing to tell their story as the last book before bedtime. After various different stories are started, interrupted and abandoned, they decide to tell a story that will keep everybody happy. 

There's plenty to keep children interested: well-known characters, familiar plots, modern day references (for example, Cinderella texting Little Red Riding Hood) and there's lots of humour too.

However, it's a slightly unusual picture book in that the narrator has conversations with the characters, and the reader is addressed directly too. I felt that these interruptions made the story disjointed and it didn't flow smoothly enough for me.
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