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Goodnight Tiger

by , Laura Hughes

Goodnight Tiger Reviews | Toppsta

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Goodnight Tiger is a quirky, funny bedtime story book, full of jungle animals and surprises. With vibrant, characterful illustrations by Laura Hughes (Daddy Sandwich), this charming picture book by best-selling author Timothy Knapman (Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates and Dinosaurs in the Supermarket) is sure to delight children at bedtime - and it's great for reinforcing bath and bedtime routines too.
The animals in Emily's jungle wallpaper can't sleep, and they are bellowing and stomping and growling and keeping her awake! "Go to sleep!" shouts Emily. "We've tried and tried, but can't!" says the tiger. So Emily climbs into the wallpaper and shows the animals how to get ready for bed. Only baths and lullabies aren't quite the same in the jungle...!
Perfect for fans of The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

Goodnight Tiger Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781848691865
  • Pub Date: 1st April 2016
  • Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
  • Imprint: Little Tiger Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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12th May '16
I read it to Lock1 aged 4 aged 4 & to Lock2 aged 9 months aged 0
Goodnight Tiger 9781848691865
5 stars
We loved Goodnight Tiger as lovely Emily has lots of great animal friends who are full of mischief because they can't get to sleep and she does all the things that Mummy does with us to help them. We'd love to have a bath in a water hole or drink some jungle hot chocolate and snuggles are the best  to make you sleepy. The fun ending make us wonder what adventures Emily might get up to next. This is a lovely book to end any day and we'd highly recommend it! 
16th May '16
I read it to Lil aged 1 aged 1
Goodnight Tiger 9781848691865
5 stars
This story is such a sweet one. I Love how its all about a bedtime routine, that really encourages children to want to sleep. The story is funny but quite a calm one and the characters are all so lovely to each other. Really found the story line different to other bedtime stories. Loved it. 
3rd November '16
I read it to green17 aged 6 aged 6 & to green18 aged 3 aged 3
Goodnight Tiger 9781848691865
5 stars
A lovely book about trying to get to sleep perfect to read at bedtime. My kids loved the idea that you could simply climb into the wallpaper and laughed a lot at the disgusting hot chocolate! It gave them an insight into how exhausting we find it sometimes putting them to bed! 
8th May '16
I read it to nnkelly aged 2 aged 2
Goodnight Tiger 9781848691865
5 stars
We adore this book, it's a new favourite. All about a little girl who's imagination goes wild when it comes to time for bed (like most children!) in her dream/before bed she finds lots of animals who have escaped from the zoo and her mission is to help them all go to sleep. It's really lovely and a new take on a bedtime story, a refreshing and fun read. 
9th May '16
I read it to DexterLogan aged 3 aged 3
Goodnight Tiger 9781848691865
5 stars
My 3 year old absolutely loves his bedtime stories and we're always looking for new stories to read together.
'Goodnight Tiger' tells the story of a little girl who cannot get to sleep and the animals in her wallpaper who are causing so much disruption.
The illustrations are bright and colourful and my little boy loves all the different sounds i.e. bellowing, thundering etc.
This is a beautiful book to read together at bedtime. It's calm and as my little boy is obsessed with Tigers at the moment, he adored it and was even trying to read along with me and really enjoyed looking at all of the illustrations of the animals coming to life in the wallpaper.
In all, this is a fantastic book to read with your little one and it's become a firm favourite in our household already!
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