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I read this book 17th January '19

The Dog Who Saved the World
Author: Ross Welford
I really enjoyed this book ! It is new and exciting and by far the most important factor : it involved dogs . And time travel !yay ! This is an interesting new spin on the whole "time travel " thing : it's not actually time travel! The background and everything is believable , you feel the terror and excitement , the joy and the sadness and the idea is awesome , you really want one of those headsets ( minus the scorpions )

This book was awesome i really recommend it ! Cool idea and good story telling for 8+ and people who like technology and/ or dogs

I read this book 1st January '19

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay
Author: J. K. Rowling
Really enjoyed this . I haven't actually watched the film , so this is probably a different way round then how you would normally do it i.e:you would watch the film first  . The film seems to have gone down a storm and while I was aware it was different to the original text book prior to reading this ; it was still wonderful and I relished a new adventure in the existing world , having finished the Harry potter series a good year ago . Script was a new format for me , but I have always loved book's better and I felt like it was just as much a good experience , if anything better , than watching the film as I was able to fully digest everything the writer gave to us . Awesome ! Really cool . Yay

I read this book 1st January '19

Roblox Character Encyclopedia
Author: Egmont Publishing UK
This is a non-fiction book about characters from all corners of the roblox universe . Some are  real  developers working on your favourite games , while others are familiar faces  that reside in these games .It explains there origins and gives you their favourite game in the form of handbrake recommendation . While I'm under no illusion that its all just a plug for their action figures , you get an exclusive outrageous builders club figure , which certainly makes it feel worth wile . I got it for Christmas present , and it was a nice gift , certainly welcomed 

I read this book 16th December '18

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown (book 13)
Author: Jeff Kinney
I liked this book because , well , it's wimpy kid! . All the laughs put into a snowy setting . If you thought you'd heard all the snow related gags in cabin fever , you were wrong . Grey and rowley take on the slips and slides of a bumper snow shower , but with the lower street kids to contend with with ,  will the pair triumph or fall a few snow balls short of snow man ? 

On a more analytic note , this is a slow burner to start with , ( the jokes keep you on board ) the book takes a surprisingly adventurous twist later , which is new and refreshing from the author . suitable for all ages and it's good mix of slapstick and witty laughs will no doubt have adults ,  children , dogs , buddies and dragons  laughing their socks off . Another awesome serving from the legendary author , but heed this warning , a  strong safe may be needed to keep it out of prying hands

I read this book 17th November '18

Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow Book 2
Author: Jessica Townsend
I really enjoyed this book . It's a masterpiece , from the cover art to the wondrous ideas enclosed . 

This is the second book in a series , and I love the way it completely takes on the new pathway the author lays out , yet still connects itself enough to the first one to make those who read it feel like it was worth it . This book sets a grueling pace for itself from the very beginning , but that's not issue as I felt drawn to the world of Morrigan crow . The whole thing is intricately crafted and its most certainly a world full and already there , not just made as the vessel for the characters to ride on together . And that's what it is . Together . The characters are so well made , all these crazy people still fit in and interact in a way that feels so natural . Not to say anyone steals the lime light from Morrigan . She is bold , brave and so very much her own , not tangled up in any kind of pre-set path that these tween/teenagers seem to take . I love her character , all the way down to the way she appears to question things , dark things , the stuff shes not supposed to say , and I love how I can talk about Morrigan like this because she is in no way artificial , not just a character . 

If the first book can be compared to the first harry potter book , this one can fits with a latter book . Having introduced a great world , it now adds layers of darkness . It is these layers of darkness that perhaps heighten the age rating from that of the first book , maybe from 8 or 9 to 10 or 11 . But still , this book gets a jolly good rating from me !