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I read this book 18th March '19

Alex Rider: Secret Weapon
Author: Anthony Horowitz
I really enjoyed these pocket fizzlers of short stories . They have all the right ingredients :A dash of humour , a flicker of thrill , a smidgen of crazy , and ,of course , a potent punch of action . I find it astounding that you can fit so much into one story , a credit to the authors unrivalled skill in the genre . I haven't read very many Alex Rider books , but I followed these easily enough . Although this is a stereotypically boy's book , as a tomboy I still enjoyed this and although I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers , I still loved it . It certainly made school days more interesting!!

I read this book 18th February '19

The Magic Misfits
Author: Neil Patrick Harris
I loved this book ! It's magic and mystery , but not as you know it! Carter thinks magic is all just tricks , but when he escapes uncle sly and meets the mysterious mr vernon , a whole new adventure begins . Enter a cast of new friends , despicable  enemies and peculiar allies , all of which manage to elicit chuckles and , in the next minute , groans of sadness and sympathy . The story unfolds and while at first a true mystery , with dashing magic and disappearances , but soon blossoms into a crazy adventure in which you route for carter and the rest like all the best . 

I really enjoyed this book , and not just because of the story . The style of the narration makes you feel like this book was uniquely for you , and brings a wonderful warm feeling , especially when you master a trick it occasionally times out to tell you . This was really cool and anyone and their budgie should give this a go 

I read this book 26th January '19

Chester Parsons is Not a Gorilla
Author: Martyn Ford
Cheater Parsons is not a gorilla .or a bird . Or even a teenager named Amy . He is a mind jumper , and though he could be any of these things , there's something he wants a lot more :his body ! . Budding actor Chester has it all going for him , he's going to be a movie star , his stage frights  gone , and he has a great new super power to play with . Unfortunately , this is not to last .rejected in the final auidition, he reluctantly uses his mind jumping abilities to attract views for a new show , Amy and Chester . the show goes horribly wrong when he loses his body . Restricted to tito the gorilla , he journeys to find his body . This story proves that even unlikely hero's  (and villains ) can create an epic adventure . I loved this book . It has all the good bits of his other books and more . This a wonderful , light hearted adventure for all the family . For 8+

I read this book 23rd January '19

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo: World Book Day 2019
Author: Rick Riordan
I loved this book . It it is marked with Riordan's tricks of the trade : wit , imagination and just a little bit of crazy . As a fan of all things mythological , I loved the idea and the characters that push it , along with those little hints to other books . It is good in that way , for a world book day book : it feels connected to the rest of the universe . It is (of course) in a shorter format than we're used to but the faced paced story squeezes in with some awesome puzzles at the end . 

I really enjoyed this book it was wonderful to read something else from Jackson's point of view . It goes without saying this is for fans of Percy Jackson or hero of Olympus , but also to those looking for a witty adventure or fans of Greek myths and tales , like "who let the gods out" .  

I read this book 17th January '19

The Dog Who Saved the World
Author: Ross Welford
I really enjoyed this book ! It is new and exciting and by far the most important factor : it involved dogs . And time travel !yay ! This is an interesting new spin on the whole "time travel " thing : it's not actually time travel! The background and everything is believable , you feel the terror and excitement , the joy and the sadness and the idea is awesome , you really want one of those headsets ( minus the scorpions )

This book was awesome i really recommend it ! Cool idea and good story telling for 8+ and people who like technology and/ or dogs