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The first explosive book in Charlie Higson's bestselling Young Bond series.

Before the name became a legend. Before the boy became a man. Meet Bond. James Bond.

There's something in the water at Loch Silverfin. Something deadly. Something that must be kept secret...

It's James Bond's first day at Eton, and he's already met his first enemy. This is the start of an adventure that will take him from the school playing fields to the remote shores of Loch Silverfin and a terrifying discovery that threatens to unleash a new breed of warfare.

Young Bond: SilverFin Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780141343372
  • Pub Date: 5th April 2012
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 400

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This is Book 1 in the Young Bond Series. See all Young Bond books here.

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4th July '16
Jim-bob read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Young Bond: SilverFin 9780141343372
5 stars
Really awesome, that's legitness... from me, it was dangerous and I enjoyed the story. This is the first book I have read in the series and I will be looking forward to reading more. I liked the characters and lots of them died and James bond himself nearly did too! But this wont stop me enjoying these books.
13th October '18
Westy10 read it themselves aged 13 aged 13
Young Bond: SilverFin 9780141343372
4 stars
I enjoyed this book . I'm not a fan of adult James bond , having been considered too young for the films and thus not keen on delving into any books  , but upon finding this in the library and liking the blurb , I took it home . Now  I admit ,I haven't read these in the correct fashion . I read the line of books by Steve Cole , with all of the same stuff , but only then coming back to these .  They are both good sets of books , but I will say that the original Charlie Higson ones have the edge with supreme action that cole can't replicate . This book introduces you nicely , things are bitter in places and the scene is set well , but maybe too well . You begin to get a little bored at bonds exploits at Eton , even with the hellebore cup to spice it up , it's still a thick wedge that i feel could be better used . That said , everything slides into its self well , the action scenes are well written , if a little graphic in places , and the whole thing is a perfectly fine read . 

This book , as you may have guessed , is not for small people , so keep it up for 11 or 12+ . I put this  Well in to  the boys region of interest , as , let's face it. , they're the intended audience . But a girl with more high octane tastes will also enjoy it . All said and done , a nice introduction to a cool series
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About Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson came into the public eye as one of the writers and performers of The Fast Show on BBC and still makes regular TV appearances. His career in children's books began with the Young Bond series and has continued with his much-loved zombie novels....

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