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AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence


AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence Reviews | Toppsta

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Young Bond and James Bond meet Alex Rider and Cherub in this brilliantly written, fast-paced spy action thriller. All credibly delivered from somebody who knows all about counter-intelligence...

Kieron and his friend Sam are shocked to see a man kidnapped in a Newcastle shopping centre right in front of their eyes. The boys quickly realise that the kidnapped man left something behind in the scuffle - an earpiece and glasses. Kieron puts them on and realises he can see not what is front of him, but a busy, tourist city, somewhere very hot - in Mumbai...

Kieron has accidentally stumbled upon the undercover world of Rebecca 'Bex' Wilson - a freelance agent working for the British Secret Intelligence Service. And without her handler Bradley (the man who was kidnapped), Bex is in trouble. She doesn't know who of her usual contacts she can trust, and like it or not, she is going to have to use teenage Kieron to get her out of danger. Before Kieron and Sam know it, they are part of a mission to stop a weapon of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands...

High-octane action and fast-paced adventure - guaranteed.

AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781848126633
  • Pub Date: 11th July 2018
  • Publisher: Templar Publishing
  • Imprint: Piccadilly Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 288

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12th August '18
Westy10 read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence 9781848126633
5 stars
I really liked this book !

I liked this book because I am interested in technology and I've never read one so focused on it before . The action is  also pretty Wild from the beginning , so it grabbed from the beginning . The characters are pretty strange at the beginning , linked by a high tech pair of glasses across the world . But , as the story progresses , and they learn too trust each other , you begin to realize that this will actually work ! This book slots neatly into the more modern area of the spy genre , with betrayal , fast paced action and tech all featuring highly . There are no illustrations , but the target audience shouldn't mind . Talking of target audience's , this book is ideal for older readers who will understand the complex topic , and maybe even adults who want to try something new . I enjoyed this book immensely , it made for captivating reading on a rainy summer's evening . 
21st August '18
AJH read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence 9781848126633
5 stars
Wow! This book combines spy theme with a futurist storyline.  A real pageturner!
 Keiran was sat in a shopping mall, talking about concerts when a man is abducted from the table next to him. The man's glasses and ear piece fall out and Keiran picks them up to find himself sucked into a plot to blow up five entire cities.
At first I couldn't get into the book, but as I read more I become enthalled by it and read it all within a day.
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Andrew Lane is an author, journalist and lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and son. Before Moriarty and before Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew's passion for the original novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his determination to create an authentic teenage Sherlock Holmes made him the perfect choice to work with the Conan Doyle Es...

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