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Compton Valance (4): Revenge of the Fancy-Pants Time Pirate


Compton Valance (4): Revenge of the Fancy-Pants Time Pirate Reviews | Toppsta

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Magnificently moustachioed madman Gussage St Vincent is back from the dead and set on using his pirate galleon time machine to become OVERLORD OF THE UNIVERSE. It's up to Trainee Time Crime Agents Compton and Bryan to stop him, in a battle involving the pongiest pants in history, the Great Fish-Slapping Game and a LOT of custard pies. Illustrations: Black line drawings

Compton Valance (4): Revenge of the Fancy-Pants Time Pirate Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 4 in the Compton Valance Series. See all Compton Valance books here.

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15th May '16
Westy10 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Compton Valance (4): Revenge of the Fancy-Pants Time Pirate 9781474906487
5 stars
My brother and I were reading this at the same time as we both wanted to read it so when I wasn't reading it he was and when he wasn't reading it I was.
We both loved it because it is silly and has elements of disgusting. Its written in a nice style of writing which is  mostly big and interspersed with pictures.
It is helpful to have read the other 3 (this is number 4) but there are foot notes to explain some of the text if you haven't)
We think it would be suitable for most boys but some girls would also like it and we hope there is another one.
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